Need advice on mixed marriage

Hi there,

My girlfriend, a Sabahan, is mixed. Her dad is Chinese but her mom is Indonesian Malay Muslim. Although her siblings was able to be registered as Chinese in their birth certs, somehow something went wrong with hers and she was registered as Malay Muslim.

We’re currently working in Singapore and planning to get married but as with all mix marriages, things are never that straight forward.

The best (but I understand is the unlikeliest) is that we’re able to change the religion in her I/C and birth cert to non-Muslim. This is her wish too for the past 30 years.

Before approaching the Islamic Authoriry (JAIS?) in Sabah or Sarawak, I planned to go back to Miri and discuss with a lawyer who is well verse in such matter on our options and course of action.

So it would be a great help if any of you guys know of such lawyer with their contacts in Miri. Thanks guys!

p/s: It would be great too if you have been in similar situation and share your stories. :smiley:

Thanks Rachel12 for the advice. Wanted to reply to your PM but I guess I need more posting before that feature is ‘granted’ to me.

Since it’s a foregone case in converting her religion, are you saying it shouldn’t be an issue with our marriage certificate? That we will be able to obtain one? Sorry if the question sounds very naive, it’s my first time getting married :wink: