Need a Home Tutor?

[size=200][super]Looking for Home Tuition Teacher?[/super][/size]

I am a university student in Miri and is offering home tuition to anyone from UPSR to [b]PMR[ standard.
Price is around RM35- RM( 40) per session( 2 hours) ( negotiable)

Location:Piasau, Krokop or Pujut area
[size=150]Subjects: [/size]
Standard 1-6 (UPSR) * BM English Mathematics Science Chinese

Form 1-3 (PMR) * BM English Mathematics Science Geography History

Form 4-5 (SPM) * Mathematics Science Physics
Time: Weekdays( 7pm to 9pm)
Weekend( Anytime)

Highest Qualification * : Degree( 3rd year)
University/College/Institution : University Teknologi Petronas, Missouri University of Science & Technology,USA
Course : Petroleum Engineering
Proven Track Record
Achievement: Straight A in PMR and SPM, Dean list in University

[size=200]Normal tuition teachers teach only what is in the book, I teach you study skills as well and make the learning process more interesting!!![/size]

Pm me to discuss further. It is time to change your tuition teacher! :smiley:

I’m interested. Can you give me your e-mail add or hp number so that we can further discuss?