NEBOSH IGC in Occupational Safety and Health

Career Development Opportunity

For some, this qualification is a first step towards a career as a health and safety professional. For others, it forms part of an important set of qualifications that will bring them success and advancement in whatever field they choose. Many professionals enjoy the course and proceed to the NEBOSH International Diploma, forging a rewarding, lifetime career in health and safety.

Company Benefits

Employers whose staff are NEBOSH qualified is an employer committed to health and safety. The NEBOSH International General Certificate provides an assurance of safety something that can help employers achieve recognised standards and can even win new business.

Packages & Study Mode

  • Our full-time NEBOSH IGC package runs for 10-days tuition programme following the NEBOSH-approved timetable at MYR 5,999 (including GST)
  • Our part-time NEBOSH IGC package runs for 5 consecutive weekends following the NEBOSH-approved timetable at MYR 5,999 (including GST)

More information on what is included in the package can be found here.

If you are interested in taking this qualification, please call a member of our staff on +60 85 420 040 to discuss the programme in more detail such as assessment criteria, timelines, payment structure etc.

Alternatively, contact us online by visiting or email and one of our advisors will get back to you by phone or email.

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