National costume

Hi everyone :slight_smile: i’m looking at borrowing a full baju Iban and baju Kayan (with the dancing kenyalang feathers) to bring to Beijing for an upcoming international competition in less than two weeks :slight_smile: anyone know where i can get them? i really hope someone could help me as i m representing borneo and hope to bring our sarawak culture and tradition all the way to China :slight_smile: appreciate any help possible

contact Agnes at AGNICRAFT. Seberkas

Anyone know whr to look for changsan? (A chinese costume for man to wear) would like to look for it for a function during 2012 Chinese New Year.

It’s important that you find out how to declare those Gold and precious metal attached on the costume. I went to china once with a big gold neckles and got detain for not declaring it. A lot of trouble follows after that and took me 3 months to get it back!

Oops! Double post.

gold? normally they attached silver on it. But now, most Iban costume is using other cheaper metal such as aluminium.

ermm i tink i’ll bring the aluminium la…not gold - dangerous, risky n heavy :slight_smile:
any contacts?

not sure where you can borrow it,but i know where to buy…

i recommened Agnes Nansa from agnicraft. Herself already travel to a few country included to represent malaysia tourism board. Ask advise from her.