Naruto Shippuden

Can anyone tell me whois Akatsuki leader and what happen to uchiha mandara, please reply…

if u guys struggle dont know where to direct download Naruto Shippuden i know a good one… go here
enjoy… by the way please reply… my question huhuhu.

nobody knows yet dude, >.< manga hasnt given us that info yet @@

akatsuki leader - u wouldn’t believe this, but just keep it for your reference, ok.

Akatsuki - formed by Uchiha Mandara, now led by, err…Uzumaki Arashi. Yeapp, also known as YONDAIME. believe it or not, he’s not dead yet, and has defect from being Konoha’s most loyal ninja to Akatsuki leader. why you ask? Only 2 person knows how to use the forbidden technique (Death God summons) that is The 3rd and the 4th Hokage, to which the difference between the 2 technique - is the type of the ‘medium’ the death god pulling / extracting out souls whether human or jinchuuriki (9 demons).

well, can’t really say that i’m correct, but i’m putting my faith and logical thinking that Akatsuki leader is really Yondaime, let’s just wait n see just how the story goes.

seriously meh? whered u get this info? hmm uzumaki arashi, from the frog scroll, rite?hmm
its not confirmed lah if he is akatsuki leader now=.= doesnt even look same…plus the eyes are not normal, kinda looks like sharigan eyes? maybe still mandara?

hrmm…that’s why it’s depend on your judgement lorr…to me memang him la…i’ve seen one poster in a comic regarding members of Akatsuki in color…the Akatsuki leader’s hair is in yellow colour…plus the hair also very lebat one…who else?

anyway, it’s depend on you la…heheheh…u got any news about Naruto that i donno? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the hair, the style is different tho…but its possible haha.
no other news lah, i really jsuy wait and watch/read naruto haha… all the stuff i know is wat come out oredi @@ so u probably oredi know ~.~"

now tensaigamer, who would you think the akatsuki leader is?

WAH :slight_smile: it is him! isnt it :)! its kinda kewl :smiley:

EH WAIT its not! forehead protector not leaf! akatsuki members use their former villages headprotector! dum di dum di dum… the plot thickens :smiley:

Yup!! maybe i was wrong before. The leader’s name is Pein, former Super Jounin from Rain village. Although he is Akatsuki leader, he still reports to someone in “black shadow” as u can see in few manga pages that i’ve posted earlier…The one beside Pein is female unnamed Akatsuki member…This unnamed Akatsuki member is the lone female member of the group. She works alongside Pein…

aiyaa…have to dig for more infos la like this…but anyway the story getting more excited ehh??? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yta story now getting damn nicer! even bleach now getting boring with all the talking in the middle of battle

Oi tensai!!! Getting really strange here…how come aa???

:shock: :x :shock: :x

I KNOW Damn Strange…obito turned out to be mandara?? wtffffff

i mean tobi :slight_smile: wrong name hehe…lazy edit cos college here load slow