Nanomist Anti Bacteria System


I will be providing this services in Miri in the coming future, now still undergo the final negotiation with the sole distributor. As for now, I would like to just do a brief survey on what members of the Mcnet is thinking about the system.

The charges per service on a vehicle depending on size which will be estimating to be from RM50-RM80 and for a house ( against depending on the size ) will be ranging from RM 150 onwards.

Basically the following will provide you with some information:

NanoMist eliminates germs from your car air-conditioner that maybe causing you illness

NanoMist, a new sanitising system for your car air-conditioning has just been launched in Australia and can easily be applied at your next car wash.

Most people would be astonished to know that the average car contains 300,000 times more mould and bacteria than the average toilet seat. These germs cause illness and allergies that most people would not have linked to their cars air-conditioner.

The NanoMist system is a laboratory tested, safe and effective. It is easy to use and inexpensive way to protect yourself and your family from germs. Young children in particular can benefit from this protection as illness and allergy develop from the air they are exposed to. Even unborn babies in the womb are susceptible to allergies. Using this method can help prevent the development of lifetime asthma by reducing exposure to mould and germs.

It is so easy to freshen your car as the system only needs to be applied once every few months at a very affordable price tag. Other benefits of using the anti bacterial system include:

-Improved driving comfort as the air quality becomes free of germs and mould
-Fresh, deodorised car interior
-Peace of mind for you and your family, that youre travelling in a clean and healthy environment
-Reduced risk for adverse health effects of immune compromised people (such as cancer chemotherapy and liver disease patients)
-Helps individuals with existing respiratory conditions such as allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma breath better

7 Benefits of the NanoMist Anti Bacteria System

-Kills most bacteria and mould developed in your car or carried by pets and passengers!
-Reduces the risk of development of lifetime asthma in pregnant women, infants and children.
-Reduces infections to cold and flu-like symptoms, skin irritations and hay fever.
-Mitigates adverse health effect for immune compromised patients (cancer chemotherapy, liver disease, respiratory problem)
-Improve air conditioner efficiency and reduces your fuel cost.
-Laboratory tested and environmentally safe treatment which improves air quality
-Neutralize bad odor

NanoMist system fumigate and atomize our NanoMist Anti Bacteria Solution into an ultra fine mist containing hundreds of millions of microscopic “nano-sized” cleaning particles. Because of the microscopic size of the cleaning particles, germs and bacteria no longer have anywhere to hide. This ultra fine mist is able to deeply penetrate into virtually all areas of the ventilation system and vehicles interior including the carpeting, headliner and foam backing of seats, killing the germs and bacteria hiding there.

This system provided a cost effective, state-of-the-art deep cleaning process that effectively kills 99.9% of the germs. This revolutionary new service will kill any bacteria, mold or fungi hiding deep inside your vehicles Air conditioning system and the nearly impossible to reach nooks and crannies of your vehicle’s interior.

We firmly believe there is no other method that can get rid of bacteria, germs as effective and efficient as NanoMist Anti Bacteria system. Don’t simply take our words for it, NanoMist Anti Bacteria system is clinically tested for its effectiveness.

Why should I use NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment?
You should use NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment to protect not only your health but also that of your family and loved ones from the contaminated air that we are forced to breathe every day.

Is NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment toxic?
NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment is non-toxic.

Is NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment flammable?
NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment is non-flammable.

What is the pH of NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment?
NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment is pH 6.5.

Is NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment biodegradable?
Yes, NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment is biodegradable.

Does NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment interact hazardously with other products?
No, NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment does not interact hazardously with other products.

How is NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment solution applied?
NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment comes in liquid form and we use a specially designed fumigation device it is atomised into an ultra fine mist containing hundreds of millions of nano-scale sized cleaning particles.

What does NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment leave behind?
When NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment process is completed, all that left is a clean and fresh environment which is 99.9% germ and bacteria free.

What if you apply too much?
Our application process has been scientifically tested and measured in order to provide optimum protection against the bacteria and germs most commonly found in our daily automotive and living environment. All of our authorised service operators have been properly trained and a strictly monitored system has been put in place in order to apply the optimal amount of NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment solution.

Is NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment scented?
NanoMist Anti Bacteria Treatment has a faint mint like smell during application. The odor will disappear over the next 1 to 2 days.

How does germ and mould accumulate in my car?
Whenever your air conditioning is operating, moisture in the air condenses on the system’s cold surfaces. Whilst most of this moisture drains harmlessly away, some of the moisture remains within the ventilation system after your air conditioner has been turned off. This residual moisture provides the ideal living environment for naturally occurring airborne fungal micro-organisms, mildew and mould.

How much mold can make me sick?
It depends. For some people, a relatively small number of mold spores can cause health problems. For other people, it may take many more. The basic rule is, if you can see or smell it, take action immediately.

I do steam cleaning my car regularly, do I still need it?
Steam cleaning your car certainly helps improve interior quality; however, there are tricky spots which are impossible to reach.

Who is at greater risk when exposed to mold?
Exposure to mold is not healthy for everyone. It is important to quickly identify and correct any moisture sources before health problems develop. The following individuals appear to be at higher risk for adverse health effects of moulds:

-Infants and children
-Immune compromised patients (people with HIV infection, cancer chemotherapy, liver disease, etc.)
-pregnant women
-Individuals with existing respiratory conditions, such as allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity, and asthma.

What are the symptoms shown if I suffered from germ and mould/ how do I know I suffered from sick car syndrome?
Sick car syndrome/moulds and germs produce airborne toxins that can cause serious symptoms include allergy sensitivity, irritated eyes, nose or throat, tiredness, memory and hearing loss, headaches and poor concentration.

Isn’t that germ and mould everywhere, why worried about it?
Medical research has recently discovered that babies, while still in the uterus or as infants after birth, can suffer lifetime asthma from exposure to pollutants such as germ and mould. It might be possible to inoculate children against the condition before this even occurs, preventing asthma entirely." reported Newsweek, “Waiting to Inhale,” March 14, 2005.

Adults have better immunity to germ and mould
Many people still don’t fully understand the health hazards of fungal exposure. Symptoms usually can be treated and reduced after people leave their contaminated environment. Often medication, diet, and other treatment protocols are necessary.?But other health problems may remain permanently, such as brain damage and weakened immune systems.?Eyesight, memory, coordination/balance, and hearing are generally the most common residual effects that often do not improve after treatment in most cases.

Hi Bro.

Count me in. let me know when it’s available.

[quote=“stay1”]Hi Bro.

Count me in. let me know when it’s available.[/quote]

ok will do that… :mrgreen:

Sound very nice and good…do you have the picture of it…

Ok… i see what i could get and will upload it later.

1st service can last for how long?

Price is charged per air-cond or per house/car??

Haroldz, I did ask the distributor the other day, one service can last how long? the asnwer they told me it is depends on how often do you use your car. They cannot predict or tell you that one service can last such and such weeks or such as such month. It is all depends on how often we use our car. I think the answer make sense because if I am a taxi driver, surely I get a lot of different passengers and surely i will need more service as to maintain the interior of my car. If I only use my car for my family, I think once a month is good enough.

As for me, I personnally will prefer to do one service a month ( to be on the safe side ). Like I say, one time service is around RM 50-80 depending on the type of vehicles. So i believe it is a reasonable and affordable price to pay out in order to get a better and healthy environment. Afterall, it is good for ourselves…right?

As for car, the price is charge per unit.

As for house, it is also will be charge by unit ( which refer to the size of the house and doesn’t matter you have 1 a/c or 20 a/c in the house because we will do all the rooms in the house). As for the price of the house, it is not finalize yet.

A comparison chart to show the different between nanomist and the rest.

[attachment=0]Comparison Chart.jpg[/attachment]

The nanomist is in the liquid form, it is poured into a device whereby it is heated up and releasing mist to the atmosphere.

Finally, demo clip is out.

[attachment=0]Nanomist Demo.wmv[/attachment]

  1. The car air cond was kept running for about 3- 5 minutes.
  2. The device was placed inside the car.
  3. Activating the device and releasing of Nanomist into the car compartment. With a/c running, it will help in circulating air flow in the compartment.
  4. After 5-10 minutes of the first release, activate the device again to release the second round.
  5. Remove the device after about 5-10 minutes of the second round.

I like this, i think its worth the money if it involves ones health.

I have uploaded the video on youtube to make viewing simpler for everyone :mrgreen:

Guys… the stuff is in Miri now… so if anyone is interested, please PM me for more Info.

I will be in Miri until mid of Dec.


[quote=“Smallee”]Guys… the stuff is in Miri now… so if anyone is interested, please PM me for more Info.

I will be in Miri until mid of Dec.


PM me the details~~ :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“vertigo”][quote=“Smallee”]Guys… the stuff is in Miri now… so if anyone is interested, please PM me for more Info.

I will be in Miri until mid of Dec.


PM me the details~~ :P[/quote]

Already PM… please check.

Guys… an update of the pricing charges per vehicle per service.

RM60 for Kancil, Myvi.etc… those considering Compact car.
RM80 for the rest that are not consider compact cars.

If you want to know more about the pricing, please pm me



I’ve got 5 air-c0nd in the house… can do house air-cond?