Nano Water Filter

10 Reasons why Nano Nature Water Filtration is SO GOOD!!

1.Patented Nano-Ceram Technology effectively removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses.

  1. Dense activated pressed carbon filtration block effectively removes 158 contaminants!

  2. One of the highest flow-rate in the market.

  3. Natural beneficial minerals in water are maintained.

  4. Water enhanced with 19 beneficial minerals and alkalinized for optimum health benefits.

  5. Great value: RM0.11** per litre for your familys consumption of clean, safe, alkalinized and mineral-enhanced water .

  6. NO electricity needed.

  7. Compact yet complete filtration.

  8. Maintenance-free. No periodic cleaning is needed.

  9. Materials and performance fully tested and certified by NSF & WQA.

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