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At first, a friend introduced to me a ‘secret’ formula (until now a secret) how to increases fuel economy and performance of the car engine.Even more interesting it is “magic” formula because i had tested the power of these products include --vehicle will feel lighter, just press the gas pedal a little bit and my car slid in the blink of an eye!! If normally you bring 100km/h and your car already shaking and dying,then after use the magic spray 120km/h is still steady. Many of my friends who have tested only able to smile!!!Perhaps it hard to believe,but trust me!!!This formula is very effective, even though 1st time im using it doesnt believe it…

A bit of nanotechnology-related info:
"Nano means something very small. Nanotechnology is the development of technology in nanometer scale, usually 0.1 to 100 nm (a nanometer equals one thousand of micrometer, or millionths of a millimeter). The term is sometimes applied to very small technology.

When a structure, equipment or systems exist in the nanometer scale, the characteristics of these materials may change, and enable unique items produced. For example, a medicine can be made more effective and stronger, the food can last longer and change the structure to be more nutritious food, more flexible production of goods and so forth.
Nano technology is said to have the potential to affect every corner of life, from consumer products, energy, medicine and others. "

Every day, there is a new product that is produced through nanotechnology. Nano technology is said to bring many benefits to consumers. It can be applied in the sector, such as nano structures, electronic and communications, medical, environmental, energy, goods, and automotive.

What I can say, first you have to try and discover. If you are satisfied you can continue to use for savings and improved your car performance overall…


  1. To save fuel,spray 4-5 times at the hose/nozzle pump pipe (Yes! the hose nozzle only) before filling the fuel into the fuel tank (NOT IN YOU CAR FUEL TANK!!!). Preferably spray every time when u refueling in full, so that oil entering the tank through the hose will convert NANO throughout the oil in the tank.

  2. To maximize savings and improve engine performance,u are encouraged to spray 4-5 times the fuel lines(SALURAN MINYAK) to engine/carburetor @ senang cakap fuel injection jak…Spray again preferably in 3-4 days, especially in the early stages of using…

  3. You can spray 4-5 times in general around karburator (EXTERNAL ONLY!) or where the vehicle that you identify any problems.Because its named NANO MAGIC SPRAY!!!


-NANO MAGIC SPRAY uses 100% concentrated on nano technology. It is safe and simple to use. NANO MAGIC SPRAY is a combustion catalyst that helps your engine burn fuel more efficiently.

-When you insert the nozzle to fill the tank, apply 4-5 times spray on the hose nozzle. DO NOT spray in your fuel tank.

How many litre of petrol / diesel can a NANO MAGIC SPRAY applied in?
-4-5 times spray for full tank of petrol / diesel.

How long will it take for NANO MAGIC SPRAY to work?
-NANO MAGIC SPRAY acts immediately as it dissolves. Within a few minutes , the nano technology will dissolve completely depending on temperature, fuel, motion of vehicle and other conditions.

How does NANO MAGIC SPRAY work?
-NANO MAGIC SPRAY works in many ways to help to improve fuel burning and performance.
Helps to increase power due to increase rate of fuel burn, which increases pressure on pistons.
Causes complete burn of fuel, which improves economy and reduces emission
Increases octane of petrol that results in elimination of pre-ignition (knock)
Lowers temperature at which carbon deposits will burn so that your engine can eliminate power robbing deposits during normal engine use.

Will NANO MAGIC SPRAY harm my engine or void my vehicles warranty?
-No! NANO MAGIC SPRAY has been tested in Switzerland. Since the mode of usage for outside use only. The tests proved that it is entirely safe for petrol and diesel engines. It will not harm the engine, fuel system, power train or other pollution control devices. It will not void new or used car warranties.

What is the benefit of NANO MAGIC SPRAY ?
-Economic benefits-Helps to increase the rate of fuel burn, increases fuel power and reduces fuel consumption.
-Enhanced power-Act as an efficient combustion catalyst that can increase power fast.
-Safe-It uses 100% nano technology, does not contain impurities that may cause damages to engine or other mechanical parts. External Use Only
-Low cost maintenance-It helps to reduce carbon deposits, increase octane, reduce knock and ping, extend engines life span and other mechanical parts.
-Environmental friendly-Helps to reduce emission, less contribution to air pollution.

How much fuel can I save with NANO MAGIC SPRAY ?
-You can save up to 20%-35% of fuel depending on the motion (town use @ long distance) and types of vehicle and also the type of fuel you use.

I have been using other brands of fuel additive from a different company all this time, would it affect my car if I swap to NANO MAGIC SPRAY now?
-Yes u can!. By using NANO MAGIC SPRAY it will increases the quality of fuel and would not bring any side effect to vehicles. So you may use it safely.

Can NANO MAGIC SPRAY be applied into motorcycles?
-Yes, you can. NANO MAGIC SPRAY can apply to any motors/machine.

What are other advantage of NANO MAGIC SPRAY ?
-Just apply 4-5 times spray to any parts of your car which having any problems. That why we call it MAGIC SPRAY


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And many more…


will i improve my time by 0.5 sec in quarter mile using this?

What do u mean improve time 0.5 sec ???

turbo and Vtec friendly? will it harm your internal parts i;e piston rings, piston liner? if fuel injector n fuel rail kong becouse of this how? water based u said? if dissovle in our motor oil how? if rosak after application got warranty or not?..

saya pun ada juga dapat respond dan soalan mcm ni baru2 ni.
mmg sukar nak meyakinkan org dan lain orang lain tanggapan, penglaman dan pandangan.
apa yang saya boleh katakan NMS berasaskan air dan digunapakai untuk luaran sahaja d tmpt2 berikut.

  1. paip minyak -nozzle
  2. saluran minyak ke fuel injection/fuel pump
  3. general luaran enjin termasuk sekitar spark plug.
    pemahaman saya teknologi nano untuk NMS ni berfungsi mengecilkan molekul benda2 yang directly kena spray. maknnaya kesan nano terhadap molekul minyak yang mengecil membuatkan ianya lebih efective atau kata lain menjimatkan-dlm kes minyak.
    kesan nano NMS tidak kekal/sementara. biasanya selepas NMS kering dan terdedah kpd panas kesannya berkurangan dan keadaan balik kepada asal (biasanya beberapa hari). jadi, kesan kepada organ dalman enjin pada hemat saya tidak memberi kesan.
    NMS berasaskan air dan diguna luaran jadinya tiada ruang untuk ianya masuk ke mana2 organ dalaman enjin.
    persoalan warranty pula, memandangkan setup NMS hanyalah kecil2an (bisnes belakang rumah) jadi saya tidak arif prosedur warranty. NAMUN, insyaallah saya akan usulkan kepada partner dan engineer rujukan (pemilik formula) dan kena study cara2 atau prosedur berkenaan warranty.(sdh ajukan pun, dlm penelitian)

NMS hnya utk penggunaan luaran shj dan teknologi nano ni berfungsi mengecilkan molekul benda2 yang directly kena spray dan yg melaluinya spt mnyk, gas dan air…so x kan ada effect pd part2 yg disoalkan sb semua part tu berada didlm enjin…kalau spray luaran mana logik nak campur dlm mnyk sb NMS bkn additive…
sblm ni pn sy ada terima soalan mcm ni dr pengguna BMW n Merc maklumla kete mahal kenelah kira2 sikit…alhamdulillah mereka paham setelah memberi penerangan yg agak ringkas dan dh buat second oder NMS…

My testimonial after using Nano Magic Spray…

Myvi 1.0
fill tank RM 40 shell pujut road,1 more level to full tank…Mileage [size=150]46352[/size]

Then i go lambir n then go alot of place la…

Now mileage is [size=150]46452[/size],but fuel level drop 1 level only…

[size=150]Mileage 100KM,FUEL DROP 1 LEVEL ONLY !!![/size]

With 100 KM ,does your fuel level drop hw many level ???

it will not affect your car because u dont spray inner part,only outside !!!



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