Nanga Merit wooden bridge speedily repaired

MIRI: The wooden bridge at Nanga Merit in Limbang Division which was damaged on Wednesday night is now passable to traffic.

(Front row left) Paulus gets first-hand information on repair works and long term measures at the bridge in Nanga Merit, Limbang.

The quick response by the contractor in repairing the bridge yesterday brought relief to some 350 residents living in and around the area.

Batu Danau Assemblyman, Paulus Palu Gumbang who went to look at the progress said the bridge was part of a logging road which had been upgraded though the bridge itself which was not upgraded was partially damaged by heavy rain on Wednesday night.

“We thanked the contractor for speedily repairing it to make the bridge passable to vehicles by 1pm today (yesterday), thus preventing unnecessary hardship to local residents including Nanga Merit Health Clinic, two primary schools and a few longhouses,” said Paulus when contacted yesterday.

“The repair work is only a short term measure. The contractor maintaining the road is requesting for fund to replace the bridge with box culvert and hopefully it would be approved soonest,” he said.

He added apart from KK Nanga Merit, the road is the main link to SK Nanga Merit and SK Ulu Lubai as well as longhouses – Rh Tugang, Rh Ijau, Kampung Staie and Kampung Melanjan.

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