Namewee again LOL!

NameWee rocks!

TNB sucks, Sesco Rocks…:slight_smile:

hahahahahaha…very funny at the end he go and curse TNB…

LOL. The strange part is no one recognize NAmeWee and let the cameraman continue his shooting. Hmm… The TNB guy on camera after knowing this will be SHYT!! I shud haf get his signature… :mrgreen:

His next target should be Streamyx.

lols lan jiao tnb pergi !!!
pergi tidur la!!
i love nama wee!

YEAH!! HE DOING THE RIGHT THING!!! Sesco sucks too. This year breakdown almost 10 times liao!! so zzz…

What to do if they’re the only company? If no politics backed them up, sure they kena sued kao kao liao.

yah. exactly

TNB = Tiu Nia Bu

It should be their machines and their technical staff problem cuz if it’s a BREAKDOWN that means poor maintainance and poor skill. If it’s a SHUTDOWN, then it’s ok as it will show up on the Newspaper. I think that’s the staff in the video trying to explain to NameWee. I still wonder why they are still in the office as there’s a breakdown?? Sesco no wor. As soon as there’s a breakdown in my housing area, I called my uncle in Sesco to ask. Sometimes takes about half an hour like that to back to normal. One time very cham. He told me that some housing area in Miri especially around Riam or Airport, they have their power supply from Kuching Sesco. Shocked me out. Don’t know it’s true or not.

From what I heard, he overdid it this time. Never the less, I will like him to see shoot TM next.

got subtitle kah?

next time i go back miri do to streamyx! lols~

That’s good one

lace… i help u do the video shooting… :lol:

i become the bouncer. :lol:

when is screamyx turn…cb streamyx, all makan money only, malas makan pisang, lanj!ao lah…bla bla bla… :lol:

Pergi Tidur! Pergi Tidur! :lol: