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: najib ?

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This jokes is massively circulated in FB already lol

But, Thanks for sharing ^^

too bad I cannot read chinese…


GA, can translate for us? haha

ok i try my best.

A guy died and when to heaven.

Upon reaches the heaven, he sees a wall of clocks.

He asked the angel : What is that?

Angel replied : Oh, that is Lies Clock, Everyone will have 1 of the lies clock, and whenever he lied, the clock will move.

The man pointed towards a clock and asked: Whose clock is that?

Angel Replied: Oh, that’s Namewee’s clock, it never moves before, and that shows he never lied before.

The man then asked: Where is Najib’s clock?

Angel said: Oh its at our office, we treat is as our Table Fan, XD


read it before… but the one i read was refering to some malaysian lawyer I think.
but good one… hahah

To be honest…rather lame joke though (Does not mean I like Najib).