N.Korea Kim Jong il demands all citizens donate cash to him

If you read my past post (http://www.miricommunity.net/viewtopic.php?t=40520), you will see that North Korea had long set the year 2012 as the year it will become “a great, prosperous and powerful nation”. The year 2012 is also significant because it marks the 100th birthday anniversary of Kim’s father, the ‘eternal president’ of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung.

As North Korea’s self-imposed deadline of emerging as the next economic power by 2012 fast approaches, Kim Jong-Il commanded officials of his Worker’s Party to roam around North Korean cities and provinces to demand cash donations from the already impoverished citizens, says an official speaking in anonymity.

Kim Jong-Il is facing skyrocketing pressure as the world awaits his promise of a strong and prosperous North Korea by 2012

Korea Times reported that North Korean propaganda officials conduct lectures exhorting those present in the premises to support the communist’s move for a “strong and prosperous” state. “The regime is squeezing the people even at a time when it cannot properly provide food rations to its population,” Korea Times stated.

Citing a source in Seoul well informed on North Korea, the JoongAng Daily reported, “Ten thousand Won is good. One million Won is even better. Contribute on your own accord,” the news agency described how the lecturers are telling residents to make cash donations to the government.

“A strong and prosperous country should be made on our own and must come sooner,” is the main message of the lectures, the source told the daily. At the end of the lectures, cash is usually demanded from the audience, he said.

The Chosunilbo newspaper in South Korea reported that the Worker’s Party officials even stimulated a spirit of competition among citizens by emphasizing that others have donated in huge amounts.

If you all don’t donate, how can I eat 50 various dishes every meal? I must eat fit to lead the country

Experts say the move is in line with North Korea’s 100 years birthday celebration of its founder Kim Il-Sung next year. Meanwhile, analysts eye the situation as a crucial and strong move as Kim Jong-Il transfers the leadership to his youngest son, Kim Jong-un.

The source also said North Korea’s artillery attack on Yeonpyeong Island, a South Korean western border island, has also been used to encourage greater donations.

Lecturers told residents in North Hwanghae Province, for example, that people in another area had given money after being “deeply moved” by the military’s attack on the South Korean island, which killed two South Korean soldiers and two civilians.

North Korea relies on international assistance to feed the citizens. In summer, torrential floods swept away and destroyed thousands of hectares of farmlands, leaving the whole country in extreme famine. But despite the grim situation, Kim Jong-il pointed out ultimate sacrifice is essential.

“The more people there are who try to take from the country rather than give, the nation grows weak and the fatherland will never be able to walk the path of prosperity,” Kim Jong-Il’s was quoted in North Korea’s state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

“North Korean citizens, donate money! Donate money! Sacrifice! Sacrifice!”

Desperate to save himself from another embarrassment from international community by asking for more aid, Kim Jong-Il reiterates to his citizens the need for sacrifice in achieving the economic goals of the country. The same paper quoted Kim that Ri Song-jin’s sacrifice is a precedent. Ri Song-jin is a North Korean farmer who died in a failed attempt to save his cow in a destructive floods this summer.


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