MYY Fitness Feat

Free outdoor workout by just a group of fitness enthusiasts. Check us out on Twitter/ Facebook and Instagram.
@myyfitnessfeat. We get together on Sundays at 5pm and Thursdays at 5:30pm. Right now Sunday location is Outdoor Stadium and Thursdays at Cityfan…but could change from time to time. Just follow us on either FB/Twitter or Instagram, all information are posted on there. Can also email if you want to know more…see you soon! #Comejoinus #justshowup

Ok. Will check it out later

So what do u do during those days? Zumba? :slight_smile:

No Sorry we definitely don’t do Zumba…lol. Everday we meet up is a different workout. Depending on the venue, the number of people and the fitness level. We try to challenge, motivate and inspire each other…

For example, we will usually start off and finish our sessions with pull ups and chin ups…we had ladies who started off not able to do one and is now doing 4-6 pull ups and chin ups. We will do stairs at the stadium, etc…just check out our facebook group/page or instagram and that will give you an idea of what we do. All ages, all fitness level, our focus is on getting you out and doing exercise and our focus is to remain FREE for everyone and anyone… come find us!!!