Myvi drives Perodua to top spot


Myvi drives Perodua to top spot
23 May 2006
Arman Ahmad

KUALA LUMPUR: Perodua is the undisputed champion in the local car market, pulling ahead of Proton, its main competitor.

The company sold 13,574 cars last month, giving it a 44 per cent market share as opposed to Protons 9,290 cars sold for a 30.35 per cent share.

Its predominance in the sale of cars comes in the wake of intense competition with the nations first local car manufacturer.

A clever choice of models has helped Perodua leapfrog Proton to take top spot.

The competition was sparked in December when Perodua outsold Proton by 99 units.

The next month, Proton outsold Perodua by 550 cars.

But in February, Perodua hit back by selling 10,780 units, beating Proton by 763 units.

According to the latest figures from the Malaysian Automotive Association, Perodua had a clear lead over Proton last month, selling 4,284 more cars.

This is an indication of Peroduas popularity: for each Savvy sold by Proton, Perodua sold six Myvis, its best-selling model since its launch.

This was despite the fact that both models were closely priced, the Savvy starting from RM39,427.88 and the Myvi from RM38,934.10.

According to analysts, Peroduas success was largely due to the Myvis popularity.

“Previously, the two manufacturers were catering to different segments of the market. Now, with the introduction of Myvi, Perodua has ventured into what was previously Proton territory,” Mayban Securities automobile analyst Hanafi Zamali said.

The worst affected were models like the Proton Gen-2.

“Proton lost out in the mid-size market, which it previously dominated. It tried to encroach into Peroduas market by producing the Savvy, but it wasnt successful,” he added.

Since its launch in May last year, 58,489 units of the Myvi have been sold, while only 10,400 units of the Savvy, launched about a month later, have been sold.

AM Research Sdn Bhd head of research Gan Kim Khoon said the Myvi was doing very well. “The waiting list can stretch up to eight to nine months,” he said.

Many analysts say Proton has to come up with new models fast in order to halt a slide in sales.

Proton also has competition from the Naza Group, namely the Naza Sutera, launched last month.

The Sutera, priced from RM35,998, is in the same end of the market and 20,000 units a year are expected to be sold.

MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad said, “based on the price, the Sutera should sell well”, adding that the rising price of fuel was steering customers to smaller vehicles.

It helped that;

  1. Proton’s equivalent offering sucked big time. Not ‘savvy’ enough. See, even zero downpayment couldn’t help it at all.

  2. Myvi’s distance relatives (toyota & daihatsu) are already zooming about in several countries, so it’s been trial tested.

  3. Perodua’s offerings are more logical.

  4. Hey, ultimately, a Myvi’s a Toyota underneath. Toyota’s are reliable. Protons are not.

True True True…, :roll: :roll: :roll: \

Soon Naza will be top of everyone…watch out…