I wan 2 c wat is in ur mind bout these social networking website…
which one u think is best :slight_smile: or d worst among 'em :? ?

  1. Friendster
  2. Myspace
  3. Facebook
  4. Hi5
  5. MyEeos
  6. Orkut
  7. Xanga
  8. Piczo
  9. Multiply
  10. TagWorld
  1. Facebook
  2. Friendster
  3. Myspace
  4. hi5



Friendster and Facebook… but i like friendster more, dont know why… ngehhehehehe

Friendster and Facebook. But, I prefer Friendster, because facebook is too complicated for me. Wahhahaha…too many things.


first it’s friendster then myspace overtook friendster and now facebook owns everything…

…Friendster…more simple…

luks like FRIENDSTER & FACEBOOK r d top 2 fave of ol…

im user of facebook, friendster & multiply… facebook are my preference now…

What makes Facebook much better than Friendster? Curious to know.

i think to hv an faceb0ok acc0unt, must d0 sum hmew0rk 1st la… frnstr is much m0re easier to use. I hv fb0ok but never use… haha! no time to learn to use… mebi next yer

maybe because of the application?like games…etc, but sometimes i forgot to login to my facebook, i like friendster because its easy to customized the layout using html :mrgreen:

anyway, i’ll vote for FS- i live wit it!
i’ve been using it for almost 4yrs…

friendster and facebook and high5 and multiply but only active at the 1st two entries… hehhehe

Friendster and Facebook.

and Friendster

Tough fight! FS vs FB!!!

hahaha, thats why in Malaysia, Friendster is the 3rd heaviest internet traffic. Philippines 1st, Indonesia 2nd.
In my office, every staff got FS. Even my corporate customer (40+ staff), every staff have FS, ngehhehehehe