My working line GSD & Mali (pics & vids added)


next time u need to show me how the dog works…

Cover charge must pay hor

Yeah, I’d love to see vids of their movement and skill :smiley: How many dogs do you have now?

P/S I dont understand. Your working line shep and mal…what’s a mal?

Reno, your dogs really have the ‘killer’ looks…eeeerrriiee…bro… Going to have nightmare now…


Mal is short for Malinois. Also known as Belgian Shepherd or Belgian Malinois. Some use the term ‘mali’. like rottweiler = rottie

There are 4 types of belgian shepherd ie :

  1. Malinois
  2. Tervuren
  3. Groenendael
  4. Laekenois

Here’s some of my training vids.

they are quite friendly actually :lol:

i wan 1…but if go ofshore, nobody jaga d dogs…

reno…saliva :lol:

Cover charge must pay hor[/quote]

ok… prefer to bring kopi o to u la…okie

Cover charge must pay hor[/quote]

ok… prefer to bring kopi o to u la…okie[/quote]

can…, so long not empty handed.

Can’t find a better morning to bring the dogs out for a play

can anyone tel me isit pure breed GSD had short back legs?

i think it depends on what line is it, not pure breed or not…this is what i think,it might not be true :mrgreen:


It does really matter only if you want to show your GSD in a ring ie. dog show.

As for working line GSD, they are as beautiful as when they work and not just to parade around the ring.

Some owners tend to worry much about how their gsds look. Same as human. Short legged, long legged, sharp nose, flat nose,brown, yellow, black & white. So which one is really human? Asian, Indian & Caucasian?

they don’t get their teeth hurt when they do so much biting?

Their teething time is over. Now they have permanent teeth. This exercise actually improves their jaw muscle, grip, eye - mouth coordination, strike, stamina, using all 4 footing, stretching, targeting and its a good way of creating better bond with your dog.

oh and developing their drives.

oo… that’s cool… so, teething time stops at? 1year?

Most change from temporary teeth to permanent up till 6 mths.

Oh, and dog’s teeth are in fact the strongest bones in the dog body.