My phone showered in the toilet bowl

as stated in the topic, my phone showered in the toilet bowl last few days and never wake up…
so i hv decided to buy a new phone, not sure what brand and model to buy yet, seek suggestions from u guys…
currently a college student, so my budget is limited, as long as is cheap and nice.
Thank you.

I heard right now all telco have been made promotion with varieties of smartphone. One more thing I’ve heard about iPhone SE promotion with Celcom. My friend said it’s already cheap. Huhuh

Why don't you buy smartphone with telco? I heard right now all telco have been made promotion with varieties of smartphone. Do some survey for that la. One more thing I've heard about iPhone SE promotion with Celcom. Why don't you go and asked at their promoter at the center. Who knows you will be more attracted with the promotion. Huhuhuhuhu.

the price are bit expensive. better you sign up your iphone se at apple store rather than sign up it with any telco. everytime i heard about buying smartphone with telco, confirm they will ask you to sign the 2years contract. huh. you only pay it one time and you get your iphone.

but different people gt different plan because if we purchase directly it’s really expensive, therefore for me i would choose sign from telco due to more cheap and for my Iphone 7 i also did so
although need monthly commitment but it also rather than pay 4000++ directly and after that still pay for internet pass every month in addition i avoid this double payment at the same time by using this method
the life pressure maybe be lower than pay for full payment of Iphone 7

I would recommend you do some research over the Internet for the best quality cell phone according to your requirements and specifications.

Also if possible try to repair your old one. Since my phone also had once showered in the toilet but it is absolutely OK right now my father is still using it.

yeap that’s true. if like to take selfie then take oppo better or iphone lover then go observe but all of it should within your budget or else make your life tough only base on your affordability. But how expensive is the phone it didn’t mean how good they are.

Absolutely, I agree with you @josh_teoh, a phone worth 800$ works the same way that a cell phone worth 100$ do. So its just the way we look to the things, being more stylist with expensive ones or smart with the things in budget…:relaxed:

Are you srs? but asked before the iphone se cost nearly 1800 something and it is quite expensive compare to others brands
for my current phone is using redmi note 4, which is cheaper and function is still okay so i recommeded you to buy it
I just checked the price Lazada website it sell at 680 somethings only which is more cheaper than iphone, more suitable for you due to student has no income to afford too much

Saw celcom offer iphone se for RM188 only. Just if my dad willing to take the plan then it will be nice for me to get the phone without paying the monthly commitment XD

really?? with promotion should be cheap rite?? i will have a look for it, thank you for the suggestion. but the final decision will be on my dad. cuz he is the one who pay the bills

to purchase a phone that is cheap and worth it is so hard, but looks like signing package is more worth it. anyway, i will consider whether to buy it directly or signing package with telco after discussing with my dad. thank you for your suggestion.

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