My PC Problem

Hello members.
My pc suffered a problem and i duno hw to fix it.
system restore wont solve the problem.
The problem is as below.

When i start my pc,there is a beeb’s normal.
then,another beeb’s normal.
but the second beeb sound beeb twice and it wont go any further.
I pressed F1 to go to the setup screen and sellect discard changes and exit.
then,it’s solved.
but here is the bad part.
the time is not correctly set.
it will be set to 12:05 am 2005!!!
i need to do this everytime i start my pc cuz if the time is not correct,nothing will work!!

someone pls help me.
if u guys need further information,i will record a video of it.

something wrong with reboot… I’m not expert but know a little about computer…

It sounds like the CMOS internal battery has died.

erm…wat is that?
i need to change it?

you are right John lai…

hw can it be dead?

the battery need to change cause no energy anymore… like watch…

Well, try to follow the guide here over . There are many guides on the Internet on how to replace the battery.

just go watch shop and buy back the cmos batt and replace it on ure own

In case if the battery prob, Take out the battery from ur mobo and take to shop get a new one. If u afraid do that, u can take the code, which is size and voltage of the battery info and take to shop get a new one.
If problem is occur, u can try reformat.
Cause i think that not all problem can be solve using recovery system.
Get ur OS cd and boot with it. If still under warranty pls do send it to service centre for better solution.

Could be ur motherboard cmos battery weak…juz buy a cr2032 cmos battery then replace it

Ya i did have this problem. But as soon as this problem occurs, I can’t switch on the com again. Changed a mobo changed the whole thing

CMOS battery died

ya, CMOS battery died