My new veggie

(winwin) #1

I have this morning harvested 450gm of this veggie locally called “fungus” leaves or in mandarin MU ER CAI. But the leaves are kind of perforated by bugs but should not be harmful ones.
They are great for soup.

(Jackson Liaw) #2

Did a quick read over at wikipedia for Malabar spinach or 木耳菜. Is this the same vegetable? If it is the one with slippery leaves when stir-fried with garlic, then it’s the one my kids love to eat.

(winwin) #3

This was harvested this morning , 300g of GOU JI CAI in mandarin 构杞菜.
It’s said to have the same health effects like the Chinese Gou Ji Berry for eyes.

(winwin) #4

Can anyone tell me why this papaya tree bears redish branches and long flower stalks with clusters of flowers?

It was grown from one of the seeds of the papayas I used to buy from the local market.