My friend myvi is stolen SAB 2526 W Dark grey

Salam and hello to all Miri community forumers,

I need help to search my friend car that had been stolen in Miri. Please guys, if anybody saw this car, please contact me via my email or my whatapps number or my friend number. She is a single mother and that car is very important for her work and to support her 2 daughter that still schooling.

Here is the photo of the car…
Car Info : Myvi 1.5SE year 2014, Dark Grey. Plate Number SAB 2526 W

Here are my info :

Name : Halim Akbar bin Ghazali
Email :
phone no: 012 222 9664

Here are her info :

Name : Begline Angello Jenggi
Her FB : begline angello jenggi
Home area : Permy Jaya Miri
Phone No : 012 454 2526

Please guys, help her … And also I want to thanks to admin for letting me to create this topic here.

Thanks so much everybody…

bring up my post…thanks

bring up my post…thanks