My family member doesn't want to celebrate Christmas anymore

I guess she no longer feels it is something she wants to do and I am okay with this because I respect her reasons but everyone in the family is making a big deal about it. I don’t understand why it matters. She said she will still get together with the family she just doesn’t want to do the rest of the traditions. How would you feel if someone in your family no longer wanted to celebrate?

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I understand what you mean when there is someone missing from the usual traditions. I have an uncle who converted his religion a few years back when he remarried and it has been different when it comes to traditions. With strong family ties and love, I believe tolerance and understanding is the key to make things work. I think when a relative is not participating in certain traditions, that does not mean he or she is not family.

i guess her holiday spirit is gone. Has she been fully disappointing or someone in her family have hurt her real bad before? her joy and happiness is gone no matter what celebration. for her, its just another day to pass, nothing special and no expectation. in another words, her fireworks / sparks is gone and in her world is just grey color.

in her case, she needs lots of touching surprises to catch up and re-join back to any celebration that tradition of her family have been celebrated.

its tricky coz might make her angry in surprises, just need to do lots of homework’s what is her interest.

May this year Christmas miracle can bring her and you all good luck.

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For whatever reasons, she sure must have given a deep thought about it before deciding not to follow the normal traditions practiced during Christmas. That includes the reaction she would get from your family members. Traditions are just traditions so many traditions cease to exist. Example those which are costly or no longer suitable in modern society. The purpose of your Christmas is to celebrate the birth of your jesus. If you think about it, where got holiday when jesus was born. So this holiday too is one of the traditions and since it’s a holiday, time for family to get together. Unless she doesn’t want to participate at all, I don’t see why people make a fuss about it. Even if that is her choice, people should respect that.

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Definitely still celebrate it anyway, put up christmas tree, family dinner and etc. If she’s not joining it, that’s ok. No harm, stay positive, its Christmas!:smiley::christmas_tree::sparkles:

Don’t worry be happy :kissing_smiling_eyes: