[MY]DeathMatch Xtreme Fragger CS 1.6 Pub Server

A new dedicated, Steam, CSDM(DeathMatch), protocol 48, 32 slots public server hosted by me and other friends for the purpose of letting all players from Malaysia/Singapore to enjoy CSDM.

IP to connect:-




Thanks for your support.

that server is always empty. Most player are newbie = = TOO damn easy to owned

are u sure?
try me~!

[quote=“lacelace”]are u sure?
try me~![/quote]

u wan headshot? :mrgreen:

You sure ? Dont regret tho.

how to connect. im using source …

lailai… lol…
later i use hack all die… xD

may i ask how much u pay per month for tat server?

deathmatch is so boring :roll:

dude , you cant connect to 1.6 using css

Great thanks for the tips man