My day

How is your day doing? Mine is as grey as this sky…

does that mean good mood, because it is not a hot heat sweat tiring day?

Erm…it is windy and super cold! :shock:

And my face is as grey as the sky… so what do you think? :wink:

Judging by your previous posts Grey is your permanent color


erm, whatever that means Datuk. :wink:

The sky of Miri today.

stef is infected by grey disease…

u should love all these words : lonely, depressed , gloomy, melancholy, solitude, forsaken…

PM Looks so much brighter and nicer. :wink: which brighten up my evening…

good,hope heer smile brighten ur day as well :smiley:

my day


is that a visual analogy for a ‘bad coffee day’?!

it kinda looks worse than stef’s miserable grey morning… :?

it’s just corruption but not bad mood Confused

d corruption is good!

i read the picture as a horrible day trudging thru the mud/grind,
or was it just a bad headache? :lol:

The way I see this is…

No matter how cloudy or grey you day started, it will always come to an end at some point. See? My evening is just marvelous! :wink:

lolz! Well done!
(is b’cos there is a good movie on d telly?!)

‘all d leaves r brown/ & d skies r grey/ i’ve been for a walk/on a Winter’s day…’

…or was that in GTSW20’s mudpie?!

godsend befalls…

Would you call this Monday Blues…? :wink:


End of the Rainbow… Where’s the pot of gold? All I see is a road sign…

Stef, you miss fluffypuffy??

Very familiar stretch of road, thy :smiley: