My Credit being deducted with out any reason

As per title, I am using celcom prepaid. this service provider 33371 deducts RM3 everyday but I didn’t receive any message from them and I don’t think I will subscribe this sh** too… I just noticed it today and they took my credit over a month already. Anyone experience this?? :evil:

Selalu heard that. Complaint to mcmc. And to celcom officr

i had this happen to my digi too last time. Have to sms OFF XXX (the name of subscriber) back to 33371, then only you can stop this deduction.

what the heck service is that? What service 33371 provides? did they implement something like “to terminate if you want to unsubscribe” instead of “reply YES to subscribe”??

Some of these service post fake ‘warning’ sms like ‘your data will cap out, please send ON DATA to continue the service’, then its really 3rd party.

I’m baffled how telcos seem to not take action when seeing sms like this. They probably get some cut from that scam.

what mcmc can do?

Go to celcom , file a complaint, I got scam before…celcom can check if you receive anything content from this provider 333xxx…after that they will bar it…unlikely you will recover your losses but, at least you can stop it…

lol. same thing here. eat money for no reason. Posted at their fb page. quite fast respond. received call and they pinpointed its my phone problem. old nokia lo. have 3g lagi. celcom guy say i can off the 3g through these step ( which they somehow know what phone im using ) and BAM! the next week it started minus my credit again. so i stop reload lol. UOX. 2sms = 1cent. how can this eat money zzzz

talked to celcom rep already. they said don’t open the message start from 3xxxx. they are all from 3rd party company, transaction valid upon read the message… unacceptable. charge u rm3 once u read! (didn’t click the link)… real blood sucker. telcos didn’t stop them too!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

the most angry part is I didn’t subscribe it at all…

Got two ways to handle this case.

1.Reply the number back STOP ALL(capital letter and with space)(also must have valid balance)

2.Call 1111 customer careline and ask them to remove your ECP or MCP(External Content Provider)

Hope this wud help u . :mrgreen: