My car jerking after change recon distributor.Why?

My car jerking a little bit when i drive…last time my distributer kong so i change the recon one which cost me quite a lot of $$.anybody know why?they oredi adjust the timing,using a device(something like pistol that produce blinking light)i duno wat they call that thing,then its still jerking a little.Driving not smooth la…pick up less,then when i drive at 100km/h,rpm at 3200~3500/min.seems high.anybody know why…?

wat car?

Proton saga aeroback year 1999-1.3Manual

anybody encounter the similar problem…?

come to King Auto Services for check-up

car in KL bro…

lols if nto can send to bulat help u check heheh

pull up the plug cable with engine start and plug back one by one… “dun get short,be careful”
it suppose to be when each u pull up engine will jerk worse… if no different by pull off and plug back… u had trouble shot that cylinder no firing might be that plug ‘kong’ or the cable ‘kong’.

if not… then alot related problem… fuel system, firing… or tuning… u need competent person to check for u.

i’ve check it oredi…the plug no good plus the re-con distributor no good as well…nway,how much a ori new disributor would cost from proton for saga iswara year 1999-1.3(M)? half-cut only RM220 and re-con 1 is RM150 can get…the ori one…?i heard aroung RM500-600?

da chief said dont buy too cheap one. those distributor above rm250 shud be good enuf oledi.

price i list is west malaysia 1…sarawak dunno

go and pasang FICD…

wats that…??

You’re just probably unlucky to get a bad recon distributor

its timing gun