My Best regular Dinner place - Nine2Five

  1. Great place with LCD TV (Food channel :p).
  2. Great Food Taste with “Today Special” that change from time to time.
  3. Nice server - rare to find in miri ;p

I would say this is my best favorite restaurant (air con) with average price.
for special occasion I’ll visit Dynasty Restaurant - Chinese food.

Anyone can share any other good quality of food to eat?



love their mongolian chicken rice !

Double Star, Sports Cafe are not bad too.

i’ve been to nine2five twice. i liked the cozy environment and the food are quite ok with reasonable prices. but one thing i noticed on one side of the wall where the owner put up plenty of black and white photos which kind of giving a very creative wall decor.

it makes me wonder whether photography is the owner hobby or is a ‘retired’ photographer hhmm…

Hey nice thread! I haven’t tried dynasty restaurant but heard good things about that place. Ming cafe indian food is nice but freaking expensive (too used with west malaysian prices lol). DOuble star is great too but serving a little too small. I love the people there, very ‘human’ lah I must say.

lol 9to5…my father went there once and never want to go back again…that time no ppl yet the food still arrive so slow, duno the cook at the back doing what

its actually taken by the owner as hobby as far as i know. their honey chicken rice is very nice too, can give it a try next time. ladies can choose salad bean curd rice. only thing is be patient a bit while waiting for the food. good thing need time to prepare and the cook there is doing a good job.

lol :lol: if 1 plate of normal fried kueh tiaw need 30 minutes to do then what thing would you call that

lol :lol: if 1 plate of normal fried kueh tiaw need 30 minutes to do then what thing would you call that[/quote]

i waited an hour for a lemon chicken rice. i never enter the door thereafter.

but i have to admit the food there is nice, the place is nicely decorated and make you feel cozy. if you can stand the long time and stand the noise during peak hour (people eating there just cant stop speaking loud…), it is a good place to have lunch at.

but not for me…

Lucky me :slight_smile:
Most of the time less then 30 minute and the place almost full.
But Is it good, some don’t come back :smiley: so I don’t need to wait to too long because of Full Customer hehe…

i noticed that their cook and kitchen helper smoking and chit chatting at the back when i passed by, that’s why their food so slow. nowadays the boss can’t scold the cook and kitchen helpers cos u know la, tomorrow they don wan to work then habis la. who is going to cook?

Can try X cruisine (just another corner of the same building with 9to5). Nice restaurant.

where is this place? Map please… TQ

After the last time i been there last year, I will never go back to 9-5… they provide very bad service! Is just like i spend money to get the black faces and SUPER slow services from them… esp the chinese lady who worked there which I thought was the taukeh niong, then only ppl told me she just working there. She served her friends and let me wait for more than an hour for just a plate of fried rice even i had my order taken first and yet she still told me the kitchen still preparing… and those friends of her were preparing to leave… I told her I want to cancel my order and she directly charcoal face to me and dint even apologized to me for so POOR service! Eventhough the food and environment is nice but her attitude will drive a lot of customers away FOR SURE!


at the back of chatterbox. homeandry, ur caps lock is violating the rules and laws leh. can u used small letters?

sometimes they service is fast & nice but sometimes is slow & bad… one of the waitress when taking order with charcoal face :? they way she talk like so unpolite :mrgreen:
few times i eat at thr waiting my food more than one hour, my frens all food oledi coming & oledi finish eat but mine one haven come yet :mrgreen: then ask the waitress they just wil keep say oledi preparing…until i wanna cancel the order the food just coming :evil: … slow service la…
but the food & environment is nice :smiley: just take too long to wait for the food :?
but i stil wil going back thr eating…coz thr food is nice & delicious…just hope they service can having some improvement :mrgreen:

ya, that waitress is the chief cook’s wife.