Muslim Fresh Vege Everyday!

Assalammualaikum and HELLO pals,
We are doing some small retail business like selling FRESH VEGETABLE EVERYDAY !! Any kind of vegetable.


a) Any kind of Mustard Greens / Sawi, taiwan, pahit, salad, kangkung, bayam and so on.
b) Pumpkin / Labu kuning
c) bitter gourd / Peria
d) Bean Sprout / Taugeh
e) Tofu / Tauhu
f) sour aubergine / Terung asam
g) Terung
h) lagenaria/ Labu air
i) French Bean / Kacang Buncis
j) Big & Small Chillies / Cili padi dan Cili besar
k) Sponge gourd / Patola
l) Tomato
m)Cucumber / Timun
n) Cymbopogen citratus / Serai …

and SO ON… ^^ So many type of vegetable that we sell here. Please Come and buy fresh vegetable from our shop! Eat a lots of vegetable for our bodies to function properly, for growth, energy and for our general well-being ! The price are absolutely WORTH IT !

AREA :: No 298 Piasau Utara Miri, Sarawak.
Working Hour :: EVERYDAY ! 5AM - 9PM
[attachment=11]sayur sawi.jpg[/attachment][attachment=10]LABU KUNING-2.jpg[/attachment][attachment=9]peria.jpg[/attachment][attachment=8]terung.jpg[/attachment][attachment=7]terung asam.JPG[/attachment][attachment=6]tauge.png[/attachment][attachment=5]tauhu_thumb[3].jpg[/attachment][attachment=4]labuair (1).jpg[/attachment][attachment=3]LimauKasturi.jpg[/attachment][attachment=2]cili besar.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]Bayam.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=0]Vegetables pic.jpg[/attachment]

Please Come and serve a fresh dishes for your family everyday ^^ THANK YOU !

why dont put ur price as well?so cn compare wit othr…

What is a muslom vegi?

it seems even the veges has a religion now.

hmm…i must’ve been on the moon for too long.

Hi, I’m looking for some Christian & Jewish vege, if you don’t have those, Buddha or Hindhu would do, don’t have that too? Then, I’ll have to stick with Mormons vege.

I’m wondering if I were to buy those Muslim fresh vege and whether you coould include some Ustaz Tofu or Ustazah Terung as well.

I’m also looking for a Rabbi Cucumber.

Thank you.

Lols ! Whut I think Ts is trying to say is, the farmer is a Muslim … Dats all


I really dun understand some people. I guess the vege has to be sembileh now?

I wonder if he has the halal logo on the veggies?

lol… hw come u put “Muslim” vege?? really cause misunderstood la… aiyo~~

alahai tok aji…tok aji.

ji, apasal jual sayur pun mesti ada cap ‘muslim’ ?

Then must call HALAL VEGE la…

maybe if they fertilize the veggie with pig manure it is not good for muslom?

You guys ar… this one also make an issue? lol

TS just want to share with fellow Muslims I guess? So that they can patronise his store?

[quote=“Eugene91”]You guys ar… this one also make an issue? lol

TS just want to share with fellow Muslims I guess? So that they can patronise his store?[/quote]

we don’t need your opinion to judge anyone here!

strange you should mention that. when i was a kid i saw my chinese neighbours stockpile their own family urine. once the 20 gallon containers is filled up it is carried on stick slung over the shoulder to their vegetables farm nearby where it is sprinkled over growing vegetables.

our family switched to buying vegetables from the natives after that.

but that was along time ago. i dont think they do that anymore. or do they still? :slight_smile:

i tried urinating over a plant once. it wilted and died. (when i was a kid)

maybe uoneme can certify the fertilisers used for the muslim vegetables is halal too? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this thread is getting sillier.

Thread starter,

After reading responses from other forumers, I find this thread rather sensitive. I’m hereby locking your thread due to the sensitive title and possible racial tension. I’m sure someone out there (non-muslim) is not happy with this thread.

Thank you and the show stops here.