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Title of article: Music handsets comparison which one to choose?


“Its widely known, that comparisons based off real handsets specifications often attract attention of wide audience though once we get to comparing music phones, one can justly say that all conclusions depend on subjective impressions, as tastes differ. Frequencies measurement does not give plain data, which can help in practice either how can you judge whether device A is superior to device B when both of them have default earphones plugged in and output sound is almost of the same quality? It seems under these conditions such issues are pointless and not worth posting.”

“However there is something that saves the day so called focus-groups, which arrive at a conclusion by testing music playback quality and overall feeling of every given device subjectively. These experiments allow obtaining information that are likely to prove useful in practice, and predicting attitude towards the product once it is released. Not a single magazine provided test of this kind, thus has managed to hit the status of pioneer once again. I should stress that in most cases focus-groups are organized by manufacturers themselves, nevertheless they dont completely fulfill their main objective rating a device fairly, and pretty often those results turn out to be biased. Before putting our hands on the very experimental results, lets see which models have undergone our tests.”

Comparison participants or the modern market of music handsets

(Handphones being compared: Motorola ROKR E2, Nokia 3250, Samsung X700, Siemens S75, Sony Ericsson W800i, Sony Ericsson W810i, Sony Ericsson W900i)

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