Music instrument Store!

can someone tell me musical instrument store in miri?

theres one in imperial mall at the first fall i think , i dont really remember , the other one at pisau , near SMk Dato …

one next to the CIMB around mega hotel there, musician connection i think the name. i used to go there. and i think its the only one i would go to. cept for one that was initially located in a house at batu 6 housing area there (near shop lot and petronas station) but i think they moved to mega hotel shop building there, but i dont know if still open.

the imperial one sucks. ive seen the owner looking dude shout at his customers for asking some noob questions :S

the one at piasau there got oso like ezuan said, wats it called ah? intune was it? or sth like that. its at the shoplots near mawar and anchi.

got hock lee oso near dynasty hotel area there, i go there twice only. no comment cept that if you go there hard to browse. everything in the shop, on the floor. if u know wat u want u can ask i suppose.

and then we got sum miricom sellers here as well. check the classifieds for the ads.

which shop is the cheapest one? because i want to buy koeyboard…

Try this,

Lot 2279, Ground FLoor, Bulatan Commercial Centre,Jalan Datuk Muip, Piasau Jaya,Miri, Sarawak.
The shop is called InTune.

Hock Lee, next to Dynasty, mainly supplies Yamaha

Stenerdy,located at Morsjaya next to Ma Baker, Opposite Merdeka Mall

Imperial Mall, 1st Floor, if not mistaken KORG keyboard is available there but can’t remember the price.

Lee Music Centre, use to be at Pujut RPR, now located at Mega (Soon Hup Tower) 2nd Floor.

Musician Connection, Opposite the mosque opposite Mega Hotel. Next to Used Car dealer

Bintang Megamall, couldn’t recall the name of the shop but located at New Wing.

i think theres a new music shop at the new wing in BIntang megamall … they have lots of great keyboard, the normal 5 octaves keyboard cost like 1000 + something like that

how about korg LP350?

i think u should not go for typical keyboard, go for piano that has 88 keys , that start with B , thats better u see, playing with just a small amount of key is sucks

True True!

if i’m not mistaken… korh LP350has 88keys too… n the design is nice…

how much huh you think ??

don’t know lo… i want to check the price in miri… but i don’t want to go to so many store… so i want to ask which store is the cheapest…

The price should be around RM3k plus. If not mistaken.

You should try Musician Connection or The Music shop at Imperial Mall.
That’s the only place I know that sells KORG

but i heard many people said that the music shop at imperial mall is bad… i will try musician connection

but i heard many people said that the music shop at imperial mall is bad… i will try musician connection

and , is there any place that can let us try their piano first before we buy it ??

i would choose musician connection. the aunty there are friendly then the other shop.
example mega…i wanted to buy electric guitar. of coz we have to survey first rite. ask questions.etc.
then the worker stares at me like i dont have money to buy and if wan buy just buy lah don ask many question look.
same as combo.

choose musician connection.

yeah , actually we were only assuming what people think about us right ? but still , i guess if u r a cashier , a lil bit of smile should be enough although we cant test it first , i still remember my experience at Piasau Music Shop, i was buying guitar strings and a new sustain pedal for my keyboard, after i gave em my money , and i was waiting for my change, he rudely throw my change on the table, he got up from the chair and he just walked away without saying thank you … i was so freaking mad, i just let be and promised my self, next time, that place is a no no

hehe i agree with Jude07 bout the lady at musician connection. shes very friendly to my family and me. that’s the Main reason i go there.

if you want to get the cheapest, you should go to ALL the shops. Instruments prices are different from one shop to another. Sometimes not all the instruments have good prices. Maybe shop A sell cheaper guitars from shop B but maybe shop B has cheaper keyboards than shop A. Furthermore, you could compare the prices and the instruments you wanted to buy. That’s the way to buy things at the best price.