Mum reunited with daughter after carjack

SEREMBAN: A mother who left her three-year-old daughter in the car to make a telephone call had a scare of her life when a man drove off in the vehicle with her child in it.

The incident happened at about 7.30pm on Tuesday night at Phase I, Taman Bukit Kepayang here, when the 29-year-old mother Punitha Ganapathy stopped to use a public telephone to call her husband after the credit on her prepaid mobile telephone had run out.

She left her child Shobana in the Toyota Vios with the engine running.

She said when she was returning to her car, a man pushed her, jumped into the vehicle and drove off.

Meanwhile, a couple living in Jalan Lee Foong Yee here found a child wandering in the area crying for her mother.

They took her to a nearby restaurant and called an MIC official who telephoned the police hotline.

The child was taken to the police station where a tearful Punitha was reunited with her daughter.

I will not do such a thing again, she said.

I will switch off my cars engine and make sure my daughter is with me all the time. I do not even dare to use public telephones anymore, she said.

Negri Sembilan CID chief Assistant Comm Huzir Mohamad yesterday confirmed the incident.

The child was found safe without any injuries and she was returned to her mother, he said. … sec=nation

Just how hard was it to turn off the engine of the car?

stupid mum!!just trying showing off she drive VIOS and doesnt bother to turn off the key…

When I read tis, it remind me of wat has happened 2 my cousin few years back.

She parked her car at the side of the road opposite d shops under Park Hotel (d shops opp of SEDC shoplots) which is located in frt of d traffic light near Wisma Pelita. U knw some ‘irresponsible’ ppl liked 2 park their cars there just 4 their convenience tho it’s illegal parking. She was planning to buy some ‘benang’ 4 her sewing machine n left d car engine ‘on’ as her 2mths old baby was in it sleeping. She thinks nothing will happen as she can c her car frm d shop and after all, it will take her few min only…

2 her surprise when she turned back after asking d sale assistant on d thg tat she wanted 2 purchase, her car was GONE!! She panicked and cried…wanna knw wat happen 2 d baby???

drum roll

Apparently, whoeva they r, who stole her car ‘drop’ her baby in frt of St. Joseph church. The loud cries of d lil baby has awaken the priest and he decided to lodge a police report on a missing baby. To his surprise, the priest met my cousin (d mother of d baby) at the police station as she had just lodged a police report on it.

It was suspected that d ‘car stealer’ left d baby 8 d church bcoz ter was a rosary hanged 8 d car rear mirror. When d priest saw d baby, d rosary was found together in d baby carrier.

Tis incident was published in BP oso n I hope my cousin learnt her lesson frm tis incident. Now, tat lil baby is a cute lil girl…wonder whthr she will blame her mom in d future 4 tis… :slight_smile:

erm…well guys everyone can make a mistake in life…nobody perfect…hope this will be a good lesson to this mum…n she also really lucky to found that baby again…just hoping all this kind will not happen to us…especially mum outside there…

It was obvious and highly preventable. It was simply negligence on behalf of the driver.

Better learn from it…dun take things for granted although it is just for an instant…yup we tend to make mistakes but dun let our mistakes haunt or indanger others as well…

yup!!!you were right…once we make mistakes…we will regret for it and its will haunted us…

I’ve already posted numerous examples on this, so I hope people who frequent this forum reading this will learn from others’ mistakes.

Yup…Learning is important, especially from others mistakes…we would not want to suffer the same consequences…

you guys so right…