Mufti wants Sabah’s Bumiputera Muslims made Malay


Strip away land, strip away royalty, now want to strip away identity?

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 28 Unhappy with Sabahs Bumiputera Muslims for identifying themselves according to their tribal roots, the states mufti proposed today a programme to convert them into Malays.

Bungsu @ Aziz Jaafar told a symposium discussing the Malay Leadership Crisis that many of the indigenous Muslims in the north Borneo state still refused to call themselves Malay, unlike ethnic groups like the Javanese and Bugis in Peninsular Malaysia who today identify themselves as belonging to one Malay race.

We need a programme to meMelayukan [make Malay] these Malay tribes… If Sabah and Sarawak did not vote in the last polls, maybe we would had a change in the government, the mufti said.

For the sake of the Malay Muslim community, these Malay tribes who are already Muslims must be made Malay, he said, referring to the Dusun, Bajau, Murut and other ethnicities that make up Sabahs many indigenous tribes.

Bungsu had compared the situation to the Kadazan, which according to him was an allegedly invented ethnic group made of non-Muslim Dusun people, who are mostly Catholics.

The mufti however did not specify the details of such a programme.

Taliban muslim.

nuff said

More if them stronger the umno

what a load of crap

Really?how to convert them to malay? Want to change ic n birth cert? And bumi muslim sabah only? Not sarawkian like bumi that convert to muslim? A lot of ??.?

Me thinks the Sabah and Sarawak should really leave MALAYA.
They are just full of ■■■■ now… Even their Malays there are all banglas.

Ini semua poyo~
Not the local is asking, the SULU i think. hahaa.
Dont listen to them, you are lucky enough given IC.
Umngok never learn.

Coming from a mufti he should refer back to Surah Al Hujurat [49:13]
“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”
I’m a Melanau & a Muslim and proud of my culture and heritage, why on earth would I change my race? The proposal is some what besmirching and disrespectful.

If a person is intolerant of other ideas, races, or religions, we call that person a [background=white]bigot[/background]. The intolerance expressed by that bigot is called [background=white]bigotry[/background]. Bigotry is ugly.

There are different types of bigotry like religious bigotry or racist bigotry. Although bigotry can mean any form of intolerance or prejudice, [background=white]when the word is used alone, it is most often understood to mean racial bigotry[/background].

have a feeling more ■■■■ is coming our way…

It sure is a confused society in Malaysia. Race can be changed, religion is equated as a race…a person may be able to change ones race and/or religion but ones blood will still be the same from birth.
This of course is not the same for person of mix race ancestry where one normally are registered under ones father’s race.

Bumiputera, still gonna keep quiet?

Sounds like they are suffering from inferiority complex. The symptoms are:

  1. We should be as good as others.
  2. We are not as good as others, but we don’t really know why that is; a generalized feeling of inadequacy not based on rational judgements.

Wonder why the Jews never think like this when they are one of the minorities and were severely persecuted over time? Is it because they believe their GOD is almighty and will save them even though they are small in number? :slight_smile:

[size=200]State mufti told to apologise[/size]

Posted on October 1, 2013, Tuesday

KOTA KINABALU: The Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) has strongly condemned and demanded a public apology from state mufti Bungsu @ Aziz Jaafar for saying that the name Kadazan was an allegedly invented ethnic group made of non-Muslim Dusun people who are mostly Catholics.

Bungsus statement is not only insensitive but insulting to the Kadazan community. Kadazan is a race that is multi-religious, multi-culture and multi-ethnic through inter-marriages, he said in a statement yesterday.

KSS president Datuk Marcel Leiking said that the Kadazan race had been in existence in North Borneo (Sabah) since time immemorial.

Lest Bungsu forgets history, the first Huguan Siou of the Kadazans, Donald Stephens (later Tun Fuad Stephens) was the first Chief Minister when North Borneo became independent from the British on 31st August, 1963. Donald Stephens was president of the then United Kadazan National Organisation (UNKO) who together with USNO and SCA formed the new Federation of Malaysia on 16th September, 1963.

Meanwhile, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Supreme Councillor cum secretary of SAPP Youth Exco Stephan Gaimin said the statement made by the state mufti was questionable and had created a feeling of disharmony among the natives in Sabah.

He said the natives of Sabah were the original race in Sabah, despite the various ethnicity and religions.

Race and religion should never be equated. This harmony amongst the various ethnic groups has existed for hundreds of years.

To say that the term Kadazan is invented shows that the state mufti is both ignorant and arrogant of the facts, he said in a statement yesterday.

If any term was invented, it should be the word Melayu in Sabah. They was never any Melayu race in Sabah. Even the Brunei Malays in Sabah are called Melayu Brunei. There are totally different from the Melayu in Peninsular Malaysia, he added.

What locus standi has the state mufti to talk on behalf other races? He should stick to his scope of work, he said.

Gaimin added it was also interesting to note that the state mufti had decided to reveal on mass Islamisation programmes in Sabah.

This has been going on since the seventies, why stop short of officially announcing the islamisation movement?

As a young Sabahan, I implore the state mufti to read on the 1963 Malaysia agreement which includes protection of natives rights in Sabah and Sarawak.

I am saddened that a Sabahan has decided to become the torch bearer for Ketuanan Melayu here in Sabah.

He should apologise to the KDM (Kadazan Dusun Murut) community for his outburst and at the same time, resign from his post for trying to deny the KDM (native) communitys right to religious freedom, he said.

UPKO Komulakan movement and Penampang member of parliament Darell Leiking had earlier also taken the State mufti to task for suggesting the Malayanization (meMelayukan) of Sabah Muslim Bumiputeras.

Bungsu, who was a panellist speaking at a Muslim symposium in Putrajaya on Saturday on theme of the Malay Leadership Crisis, had told a thousand-strong audience that many of the indigenous Muslims in the north Borneo state still refused to call themselves Malay, unlike ethnic groups like the Javanese and Bugis in Peninsular Malaysia who today identify themselves as belonging to one Malay race.

Bungsu also admitted what he labelled a successful mass Islamisation movement of Sabahans in the 1970s, which according to him played a role in making Islam the religion of the State.

In the original 20-point agreement drawn up before the formation of Malaysia, it was agreed that there should be no state religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya would not apply to North Borneo.

The Sabah Constitution was amended in 1973 by the state government to make Islam the religion of the state of Sabah.

Muslims now make up 65.4 per cent of Sabahs population according to the latest census in 2010, up from 37.9 per cent based on a North Borneo census in 1960, three years before its independence.

Read more: … z2gSjJU0jJ

[size=200]Mufti bashing/ Not the religion, but a matter of rights Samora[/size]

By Bobby Yee

Jelani hamdanKOTA KINABALU: Bungsu @ Aziz Jaafar has come under fire from the Sabah Momogun Rungus Association (Samora) who have told him in no uncertain terms that he as a mufti, should not issue any statements on racial matters

But if he still wants to say something about it, he should resign from his position as mufti and enter into politics, said Samora president Jelani Hamdan (photo).

It seems that Bungsu wanted very much to meddle into politics and hence the reason why he proposed the programme to meMelayukan (make Malay) tribes in Sabah.

Jelani, who is a Muslim himself, said if Bungsus efforts were successful, the KDM community would be reduced significantly.

This is because KDMs who have embraced Islam or a Muslim by birth, would have their status changed to Malay, he said.

In other words, any ethnic groups, be they Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Rungus, Brunei, Bisaya and Kedayan, among others, would no longer have their tribal root identities but merely a Malay.

This will have an impact to the social, economy and also election if the programme is applied, he said.

Jelani said it is not about the religion but a matter of rights, so how can we keep quiet when our ethnicity is being denied, he said on Monday.

Toward this end, Jelani said that in his capacity as President of Samora, he would be going all out to fight the matter.

Bungsu also, he said, should not be saying such matter because as a mufti, what he said could be applied as a fatwa (decree).

I am sure that Muslim KDMs will not agree to Bungsus statement, he said, adding that it is against the Constitution of the country as well as human rights.

The Matunggong opposition lawmaker also questioned why is it so important to take away the racial status of native Muslims and replaced it with Malay.

Does it mean that if our status is changed to Malay, we will receive privileges? he asked.

On the other hand, Jelani said, they should fight for the rights of Bumiputera under the Constitution.

While Bungsus objective is good in uniting Muslims from the perspective of politics, it should not be achieved through Islam.

Among other things, Bungsu alleged that Kadazan ethnic group is an invented ethnic group who comprised non-Muslim Dusun people, who are mostly Catholics. … ts-samora/

[quote=“Miri-Sarawak”]Me thinks the Sabah and Sarawak should really leave MALAYA.
They are just full of sh*t now… Even their Malays there are all banglas.[/quote]

Religion is religion. Race is Race. You just cannot change your DNA by converting to another religion.

I thought government only lazy to work, now they are even lazy to use their brain…

Haven’t them done enough to damage the country already?

In Malaysia everything can from UNREALISTIC become REALISTIC. That’s call MALAYSIA BOLEH (TAHAN) :lol: