Mudah.My SCAM Alert (Share Your Experienced Regarding Scam

The problem with is that it is too easy for scammers to set up their trap. No accountability at all. While there are genuine sellers doing business, the risk is just too high.

yup, they are ruining ppl’s business. buyers getting scared of dealing in ive encountered this kind of buyers, where some of them cancel off the deal. i have to convince them that im not a conmen, whether they want to trust or not, it depends on them. i have more than 30 items sold successfully through and ppl never complain on my deal. never being dishonest or you will ended up losing your customer. :smiley: does not have any sort of rating by users, right? Its one of the biggest problem faced with that website. At least eBay you can see the feedback of previous customers but not so for

yup dont have rating or feedback system. in that case company have to upgrade their system. :smiley:

the waiting time for approval is too long summore, have to wait 2hours b4 the ads can be viewed.

u sell wat at mudah?

haha. how do u know? syhh… dont let ppl know :mrgreen:

myykiller: mostly gadgets la… some automotive parts also. :lol:

ohh . gadget. i thought u sell supra shoes:D

haha. i have no idea why they use supra name for shoe brand, but it looks cool.

haahahaha , i also have supra shoes 1 ,
1 original,1 fake. ahahha

Anyone ever dealed with:
Name: Rick Cheng Chee Wah Public Bank: 451160129
Contact no. 017-8936535
Advert: (Ad deleted by seller,but I have saved the screenshot)

Called him over the phone and dealed with him last saturday 6th Aug 2011. Up till now no sign of the item being posted to my place,let alone updating the tracking number to me. Not replying phone calls,sms or even email. Claims to be from KK, speak good semenanjung language instead of locak KK mothertongue.
So be alert with the acc.number provided. If I can track this guy, he’s gonna pay.

i buy a lot through, so far all success, maybe im still too lucky lo. but it doesn’t mean i didn’t aware of the scams. but i can share my own way to buy safely from net.
im also worry every-time i buy something online. and there is one way i always do, i’ll look for the seller’s other advertisement ( if there is still any from the seller ), if the seller has a lot on sale for a long time or have a shop name, then i’ll confident with that seller. if the seller have something like Facebook, that’s even better, check it out, look how other ppl comment or feedback on him/her.

THis is just my way to do online shopping, not 100% safe.

not only through Mudah. I’ve been cheated by my own friend from primary school. Bought a cloth thru her, and everytime i follow up, always came out with excuses. she even said already post it and i ask for consignment number. she said don’t know where she put consignment note la, apa la… then she said send through normal post la cannot trace the courier. after that she offered to refund my money which i said okay. wait for some time then at last i fed up, i texted her saying, “ne’mindla. you just keep the money”. she never replied after that and I stopped contacting her. Although RM33 is not that much, but I was upset for being cheated by my own old school friend.

look on the bright side… for 33 ringgit, you know the true face of your old friend…
and better 33 ringgit now then 3000 ringgit in future, don’t you think so?

Yep. Which is why I don’t think much about letting go that amount. Just that I got upset that my own friend is like that. Sigh… people nowadays

sadly in this world now…
there are two things that can break up even true brothers (or sisters)

and this two things are money and the opposite sex…

sadly in this world now…
there are two things that can break up even true brothers (or sisters)

and this two things are money and the opposite sex…


lai ah lai ah buy my stuffs guarantee no scam :lol:

sadly in this world now…
there are two things that can break up even true brothers (or sisters)

and this two things are money and the opposite sex…[/quote]

+10. couldn’t agree more

Scam by the seller from Sabah. Selling Galaxy S2 for RM880 (including poslaju).
Item not received. SMS and Call no answer.
Detail of seller :-
Name as advertiser at = yana
Bank in name = Rodiyana Binti Arif
Bank in bank = Maybank
Bank in account no. = 154026540973
Seller contact no. = 0172370624 (active but no answer)

Website (advertisment removed by seller): … -3020?nf=1

What should I do?

Name: Indra Haliz
Birthday: 21 Sept 1986
H/P: 019-3795792
Phone: 03-33746963
Address: LOT 449, JALAN SUNGAI BERTIK, 41100 Klang, Selangor
CIMB Bank Acc: 12210009564057
Maybank Acc: 162544000249

PENIPU … (indra haliz bin mohd) 162544000249…ph no 0193795792 dah 4 minggu item blm sampai msg tak reply call tak angkat …