Mudah.My SCAM Alert (Share Your Experienced Regarding Scam

have anyone get scam before?
share yourr experience here :slight_smile:
i kena scam by this guy
MOHAMAD FIZRIL 158284026693

Conclusion: Always trade with chinese, unless u have online protection schemes

vertigo will be very upset to read this :wink:

hey. we are in the same boat. kindly continue here and share your experience with details.


bro, it doesnt matter with race. ive been cheated by a chinese also. his name is chang loong huat, through race doesnt matter, its the inner heart and loyalty.

LOL,such a racist statement

COD more nice, compare with pos pos aiyaa
also my friend pernahhh kenaa buy cellphone,
the seller post the phone oredi
but inside the box BATU,no hp etc.
idk whether the seller or poslaju punya hal
maybeee poslaju steal the phone maybe.
because their checkkk the box…
and maybe steal the phone
so sad aiyaa ,
apa mokk jadi ngan dunia :frowning:

just be carefull guys :slight_smile:

FB Nv was selling handbags, purses in Oct & I fell victim coz he is no longer on FB & I have no way of contacting him. Orang Chinese leh.

Beware of this seller in MUDAH.COM and other web shop: JONG KAI LING, MAYBANK 112148008857, HP: 0168692099, 0162788022

here is another 1.

some scammer active in selling luxury bike , car in mudah which they cannot even provide u with malaysia registration no. when u ask for more picture he/she will tell u sorry no pic.

[quote=“rabbit75”]here is another 1.[/quote]

They purposely miss out one number from the handphone no. given and uses different name as the seller. Their selling prices seems too good to be true.

anymore pointless things you want to highlight?

It is best to completely avoid any buying/selling at

I read so many scamming happen due to lack of security that it must be like 80% of whatever being sold there will likely to be scams.

[quote=“myykiller”]have anyone get scam before?
share yourr experience here :slight_smile:
i kena scam by this guy
MOHAMAD FIZRIL 158284026693[/quote]

u might want to put the whole story into picture here otherwise you could be accused of blackmailing. :slight_smile:

deal in and collect the item via COD, dont use postage.

my friend penah kenaa scam
the seller oredi send the item
whethr or not dunno laa…
but when the item come,
inside the box only batu ba…
idk whether this the seller punya kerjaaa or poslaju laa

Some scammer actually say do COD, then last minute say cannot COD because of this and that, and ask to bank in quickly (deposit).

in that case better cancel the deal to be safe. dont fall into their trap. spammer/conmen have many tricks to manipulate buyer/victim.