M'sian Teenager 14, married to a teacher

Teenager Siti Maryam Mahmod’s marriage to Mr Abdul Manan Othman has triggered fresh debate on the issue of child marriage.

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the Syariah allowed, country law allowed and set by the government. Now the government is debating something not against the law (which of course created by them)… What a stupid government.


Does this law approved if it is a 14 year old boy getting married?

no need to meddle in other religion ppl’s matter. let them settle, debate, quarrel, punch, fight and kill over the matter.

she is too young…this is pedophile already…
err…none of our business also…if the law said can then can lah…

Wow… kinky

alaaa…u ppl talk here talk there…
as long the girl happy.ok lah

religious teacher summore!!

pervert / paedo

cheyyy…just 14 and shes married. Wanna follow pakistan already?

Why this is not statutory rape?

i just don’t understand it. Marry at the age of 14. What gives? Welcome to the pedo nation already?

Perfect time to sell her beauty products…
regain her youth.

only islam right? how about if Islam guy married christian teenager girl?

according to the article, it needs parental approvals & court approval. So if the people that matter around them approve of it & they went thru a legal system to get married. I don’t see this is a concern to all of us. Its bad publicity to the world thou that might not approve this young age marriage. We can talk about pro and cons getting married in an early age but we cannot disapprove it as it is our malaysia law.

Makes me wonder…

What if other religions people getting married at the age of 14,will it be approved?

you need to get your parent and her parent to approve first, i suggest you think about that first.

we all thinking bout the legal stuff,religion…
but do u think bout theyre feeling?thier parents?

i wonder if the girl really want to marry…
these day kids r update o…
just like in tis forum

The problem is the girl’s decision might be based on infactuation / puppy love.

Parents’ decision might also be infleunced by being ‘bribed’.

i might be a penguin instead of a rabbit.