Mr. Chung Chicken Rice will close soon ... =(

Today I eat at Mr. chung Chicken Rice … The lau pan said the shop will close this end of the month … I like the chicken rice …=(

Where is this ?? hmm

near M2 or IBS COLLEGE …

earn enough money already?

tiok toto eh…

you mean this shop? … -cafe.html

tiok 4D jackpot…retire liao… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

[quote=“dasolve”]you mean this shop? … -cafe.html[/quote]

yes… that is … the chicken rice very nice … I like it… The lau pan of the chicken rice said the shop is not own by him … the owner of the shop want to change the shop become massage centre…

Gosh… their chicken is among one of the best in Miri (but i prefer ah yaw’s rice a bit more). Try it to believe it.

Another massage center? (fainted)

[quote=“dasolve”]you mean this shop? … -cafe.html[/quote]

ops … double post

ah yaw ? actually in miri have many place that have very nice chicken rice but they have their own special …

With the new SY hotel opening soon, the owner probably figures a massage center will make a lot more money.

If his food is so good he should open up his own stall.

Never tried it though…maybe will do so later today.

why no suggest the lao pan to open at other places? Maybe he will earn more~

That’s sad, he usually gives more chicken meat than any other stalls.

Any1 got new about the mr chung chicken rice move to where already???

I think he not yet find the place … He gave me his ph num … will call for inquiry … stay tune …

I think he not yet find the place … He gave me his ph num … will call for inquiry … stay tune …[/quote]

ah darn… Can you send me his hp num??? He said he will stick a paper at the previous shop to show where is he going to open at…

Woohooo found Ah Chung Chicken Rice!
He has moved to a new location at Tiong Hua Cafe and Restaurant, Jln Kwangtung.
Dropped by earlier today and was treated to a very generous portion of chicken rice as its his first day reopening of his business.

Got pix of his new location?