MP reminds grassroots leaders of their roles, duties

Distinguished guests and KMKKs leading a toast during the dinner.

MIRI: Community leaders and village chiefs must always be mindful of their roles and responsibilities as grassroots leaders.

In giving this reminder, Baram MP Anyi Ngau advised the community leaders and village chiefs (KMKK) to continue working as a team and be willing to assist one another.

“Everybody has their own weakness and we must learn from one another. Let us move forward into this new age of revolution together,” he said.

Anyi was officiating at the pre-Christmas dinner organised by Majlis Ketua Masyarakat Orang Ulu Bahagian Miri and Badan Isteri-Isteri KMKK at Grand Palace Hotel here on Sunday.

“This is why we have this pre-Christmas dinner just to remind ourselves that it is always good for us to get together because when we are doing this, we are doing it for the community.

“It reminds us that as community leaders and village chiefs we must always do our best, and I believe you have all done your best and excellent job with a genuine heart, despite whatever people have said, and for that I respect you all,” he added.

Anyi also reminded the KMKKs to remain calm even when they are being criticised or judged.

“People who criticise are actually judging others. When we judge one another, it is not good. Even if we want to criticise, we must do it in a positive and constructive way, not destructive.

“I know you have been criticised just like me, left and right. Be patient and be cool. Do not fight fire with fire. Christmas is the time to forgive and forget, and to remind us to move forward and with God’s guidance. Do what is good and right,” he added.

At the event, Anyi informed that next year he will distribute RM20,000 to each KMKK of the Orang Ulu and Iban communities from his MRP allocation in conjunction with the festive season.

Also present were Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau, Kayan paramount chief Temenggong Elizabeth Deng, Kenyah paramount chief Temenggong Joseph Ngau Lian, former political secretary to the chief minister Datuk Robert Laing and political secretary to chief minister Charles Balan Seling.

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