MP: Don’t viral unverified outbreak of illnesses

Lukanisman (seated centre) poses with recipients of the MRP grant.

MIRI: The people are advised not to panic when seeing news of any illnesses being viralled in social media and WhatsApp group unless there is an official statement from the Ministry of Health.

Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni, in giving this advice, said that in the past couple of days the news of influenza outbreak has been going around, where there was even a recording of a person advising the people to avoid visiting public areas.

“I have asked the hospital and Health Department here to provide the real status of the situation so as not to panic everybody.

“If there is any influenza case happening, I hope the Ministry of Health will state the current status so that we can take intervention measures to prevent an outbreak,” he said when met after presenting minor rural project (MRP) totalling RM250,000 to 21 associations, non-governmental associations, parent-teacher associations and village committees at his service centre in Taman Tunku here yesterday.

“I hope people will not forward unverified messages through social media because panic is the last thing we want happening.

“The ministry has also updated and posted info graphics on their Twitter and Facebook accounts about influenza, and if there are signs, please consult a doctor fast,” he added.

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