MP disputes news of extra parking spaces at back lanes

MIRI: Miri Member of Parliament Dr Michael Teo has dismissed news of 18 new parking lots for the back lanes of the Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre as tricky lies.

He told thesundaypost during a check with Dr Chan Toh Hang yesterday that it would be impossible to add the new parking spaces.

Dr Chan and I went to check at the areas mentioned and there are no new car parking lots created as said in the newspaper.

What we clearly noted just now are the existing parking lots, which were allocated in 1987, he said.

Dr Teo, who is Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chairman, pointed out that the space is too narrow for additional parking spaces.

He also rejected suggestions congestion in the area was due to his teams opposition to the construction of a dual carriageway.

That is another lie because the congestion problem was due to the indiscriminate parking as the gazetted parking lots had been removed by the irresponsible developer.

So, the public have no choice but to park their vehicles indiscriminately around, causing the entire area to be in chaos now, he claimed.

According to him the developer removed 44 parking spaces.