MP: Come and see the gangsters running riot in S'wak


MP: Come and see the gangsters running riot
By Fay Angela Dcruz

01 April, 2007

Come and see for yourself how secret societies are having a field day in Sarawak. This is Datuk Seri Tiong King Sings dare to Federal Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee following his charge that gangsters were running riot in the state.

The Bintulu Member of Parliament had one more thing to say to Wan: Go u n d e r c ove r.

He should come and see what is really happening in Sarawak, said Tiong.

He should come as an undercover cop if he is serious about knowing what the situation is in Sarawak, particularly Sibu.

Citizens in Sibu are feeling very unsafe. They are victims of extortion. The secret societies are controlling everything, even the price of essential food items. Illegal logging is also rampant. Tiong was upset that Wan had dismissed his allegation that secret societies were active in Sarawak.

Debating the royal address in parliament on Thursday, Tiong said that secret societies in Sarawak were getting more powerful by the day with police not doing much to curb the problem.

He claimed the Hua Kee gang had a membership of more than 1,000 and that the situation was worsening.

Tiong said he was disappointed by Wan’s dismissal of the claims.

I am very disappointed with him (Wan). As an MP, I am trying to work with the police to solve problems but he simply shot down my concerns with his comments, Tiong told the New Sunday Times.

He told Wan not to depend on reports from police coming out of the state but to assess the situation for himself.

Tiong reiterated his stand that Sarawak chief police officer Datuk Talib Jamal and several of his CID officers should be transferred out of the state.

I have received so many messages on my mobile phone. People are happy that I brought the matter up in parliament. Tiong said he had also requested a meeting with Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan.


Wan to visit Sarawak ‘to get to bottom of things’

01 April, 2007

I will be in Sarawak next month to get to the bottom of things. Federal CID director Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee said he would go to the state to assess the situation.

But he wanted Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing to do something urgently: Lodge police reports to back his charges.

They (Tiong included) need to follow procedures and lodge police reports so that we have it in black and white. Then we will investigate.

He made it clear that the force was not against suggestions from anyone in the fight against crime.

Wan said therewas no point making allegations without evidence.

We cannot act if there are no police reports. We cannot act on allegations. On Tiongs request to transfer Sarawak CPO Datuk Talib Jamal, he declined to comment, saying the issue was beyond his jurisdiction.

It is not my job to transfer CPOs. I only handle CID issues.


‘Problem under control in Sibu’

01 April, 2007

Gangsterism is not a serious problem here, according to Sibu Member of Parliament Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew. Our police have been doing their best to curb the problem.

They have notched a certain degree of success, which is a credit to them,he told Bernama after opening the annual general meeting of the Sibu Ex-Servicemens Association at a hotel here yesterday.

But, of course, there is always room for improvement, he said when asked to comment on an allegation in parliament two days ago by Bintulu Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing that gangsters were having a field day in the town.

Lau, who is deputy housing and local government minister, said he had to make the clarification as he was the MP for Sibu.

On Tiongs allegation, Lau said: He (Tiong) is very, very concerned about the countrys security situation, especially in Sibu. He is outspoken on matters that he feels affect the people and he deserves our support and respect. However, Lau said, the fight against gangsterism should not be left entirely to the police.

The people must co-oper - ate with the police for a winwin situation. Lau said society ought to create more jobs for the young so that they would not be driven to gangsterism and other social ills to survive.

He said illegal immigrants, too,were responsible for some of the crimes.

What is this, an April’s Fool’s joke?

Like most Govt departments,Police will not action if there is no complaint from the public.Poor public will not make the complaint for the fear the well connected gangsters will go after their family if they do so.

Why can’t police go for Prevention rather than wait for public to make complaint and then take action?

Seems Like it

This is a ground breaking news for Sarawak, finally!

One guy say it is serious problem and another say it not a serious problem. And both of them are politicians. Yes it is time the chief of CID come down and check for himself. And please do not let the local police know when…just come in low profile and meet the people.

Agree with u, Nightwing. If they let the local police know…then their trip is definitely going to be a wasted ones. Surely if they were informed by ‘someone’ inside, suddenly it will be very PEACEFUL everywhere. :lol: :lol:

This Wan is shouting out loud he is coming to Swak. He thinks the gangsters are so stupid not to lay low then? Jeez…use some common sense la.

how bout you guys? any experience? maybe u can share some of ur story regarding this issue

i feel there are unknown forces lurking around that says, “Join the daaark side.”

Any special/secret forces in the police? They should go undercover, and kill the main gangsters one by one and dump them into the river. Silent and deadly. Sure their activities will be affected, as the gang members are afraid of being killed (as normal humans should), and not knowing who’s killing. :twisted:

i’m not really worried about the common gangster as we still have the law enforcer to protect us… :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m more worried about the other type of “gangster”. those, the enforcer will always stand by them and we as a normal citizen will never win the fight against them. for those who still dunno who i’m talking about, refer to on of the hottest on going topic we are discussing…clue…Marina Bay

still going on

Change never came…

Gangsters are stronger than ever

Lol… I thought another gangster issue, who knows few years adi…

check this out… … /08/13463/ Gangster… with geng they tough. no geng… like chicken. :mrgreen:

thx for the update
these gangsters will never go away until the corruption is finished

thx for the update
these gangsters will never go away until the corruption is finished[/quote]

you are right. bump for u …

Sibu is under control??? He sure or not? Cuz if he’s so sure, Medan Mall in Sibu would have been emptied because that mall is full of pirated movies, games, softwares etc etc. As I know, Sibu gang very pro.