MP calls upon religious bodies to help govt fight drug menace

Lukanisman (facing camera, second right) and Ali on his right make a stop at one of the stalls during the charity sale at Piasau Jaya Phase 2 futsal court.

MIRI: Every religious association can play its role in helping the government address social issues related to drug abuse, particularly those affecting local youths.

In stating this, Sibuti MP Lukanisman Awang Sauni said these bodies could also conduct various activities like talks, to highlight to the public the negative impact and repercussions from abusing drugs.

“The government has been running various programmes under the ongoing anti-drug campaign.

“In this regard, the public should not rely solely on the government, as those in the grassroots level should work hand in hand with the government (in tackling drug problems); otherwise the nationwide (anti-drug) campaign would not exhibit much positive progress,” he said during a charity sale at Piasau Jaya Phase 2 futsal court yesterday, which was run by Miri Division Association of Imams.

Adding on, Lukanisman called upon the imam association for help, in that they could conduct educational talks and programmes – aimed at reminding Muslim youths to stay away from drugs.

“The declaration of war against drug abuse is an obligation; otherwise, there would only be disorder in the community.

“To win this war, each and every one of us must play our role effectively towards continuously supporting the anti-drug campaign.”

Besides problems associated with drug abuse, Lukanisman said equal attention should also be given to other social ills affecting the local Muslims.

In this respect, the parliamentarian suggested the imam association to utilise social media as a means for them to promote their activities, where they could incorporate some creative ideas that would attract more Muslim youths.

“Perhaps you can organise an e-Sport event with Islamic elements.

“This is a way for you to be closer to the young people,” he said.

Later, Lukanisman announced an allocation of RM5,000 from his Minor Rural Project (MRP) grant to fund the association’s activities for next year.

Meanwhile, Miri Division Association of Imams chairman Ali Abdul Rahman said the works on the association’s Islamic learning centre project at Batu Lapan in Lambir had reached 90 per cent.