Movement control order

The nation is moving towards the third phase of Movement Control Order (MCO) or PKP. No doubt this had been instrumental in hampering the spread of Covid-19. However, I would like to recommend to the PDRM in Miri to increase the number of roadblocks and patrol for Miri city area, specifically in Lutong, Pujut, Krokop, Permyjaya and Miri proper itself. Over the past weeks of MCO, I have noticed that there are still an alarming number of cars with 2 persons inside at all hours, two or more family members shopping at supermarkets and fish/vegetable market and people avoiding roadblocks using Pujut residential roads, Senadin residential roads, Permaijaya residential roads, Piasau residential roads and Krokop.

It didn’t surprise me when the authority in their daily report claimed 95% -97% MCO compliance, when in fact the compliance figures should have been lower. Lets be stricter during the third phase of the MCO. There are still too many selfish, stubborn and stupid people around who are endangering the health and lives of their families and people of Miri.

I agree with you. But there’s nothing we,you & me and the authority can do with morrans type of people. Except, give them the tiket ,samon of RM1000. NO COMPROMISE!
Thanks for bringing this up. :pray:

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