Move to stop cruelty towards animals

MIRI: At long last, there is going to be concerted efforts to help the voiceless animals.

The Miri City Council has launched a campaign together with Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA) and a group of concerned citizens from the Miri Humane Society to inculcate kindness towards animals and to stop cruel treatment.

Miri Mayor Adam Yii said Miri is striving to be a healthy resort city and this issue on animal welfare needed to be addressed in a holistic manner in view of prevailing cruelty issues against animals.

“Animal welfare is a key yardstick and indicator of a developed and healthy society.

“Miri must work towards that.

“There have been increasing complaints about cruelty towards animals in the homes and even among those selling animals for commercial purposes in Miri.

“Today, we embark on an initiative with MAWA, animal lovers and volunteers to launch poster campaigns to get people to love their pets and to keep them in more humane conditions.

“Currently there are people and traders keeping animals in tiny cages and tying them up with short chains for prolonged periods.

“I have received complaints about such abuse from expatriates and from media reports.

“There are also many cases of pet owners blatantly dumping pets on the streets.

“In fact, this is one of the main factor that had caused the rabies outbreak.

“Animals dumped on the streets or kept in cruel conditions are prone to diseases and this in turn affects humans.

“I hope to curb such cruelty by replacing it with kindness and love for animals,” he said at the launch at the city council.

The volunteers include students, doctors, educators, expatriates and media members.

They will display posters in public places and hold educational talks in schools and universities to show people that animals are part of society.

“These animals which are voiceless should be given good living conditions in the homes and in pet shops.

“They should be given enough space to roam and exercise.

“Medical research has shown that pets when treated well are good for the healthy mental growth of children,” said Yii.