Move to Miri or not

(Ffaaa) #1

Hi all,
This is a prospective student from Dubai and I got a Phd offer letter from Curtin Sarawak relevant with the oil and gas engineering subject

I would like to know whether to move to Miri is a good decision or not
appreciate your earliest comments

(Jason) #2


This is a comment from a guy living in Miri.
It depends what you like, what environment and atmosphere.
Miri is a very interconnected town to various tourist areas such as Mulu Caves, Niah Caves, Borneo Rainforest, Lambir Waterfall.

Miri was first famous for the oil discovery and continued to prosper due to it. Throughout the past few years, Miri has developed a lot with various area being developed into bistros and restaurants. However, the general population of Miri is still short of a big city and thus, rendering those certain area quite under-populated.

Other than that, Miri is quite a nice place to live in. Not as busy as the capital cities in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang) but more of a chill town, slow-pace and a good place to find some awesome buddies. The food might be different from yours in Dubai and the culture as well but once in your life time, you just gonna do something crazy like moving to another town right? So, I will encourage you to move to Miri. The internet might be a little slow though.