Motorola Xoom tablet

A review of Motorola Xoom tablet running Android Honeycomb, a great alternative to the iPad.

USD 800 (RM 2,450).

It’s much better Dual Core 1GHz :stuck_out_tongue: OCable to 1.5GHz with SetCPU with Nvidia Tegra 2 Graphics…

Throw away your netbooks and get this baby! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it available in Miri?

A Wi-Fi only Xoom that might be priced at USD 549 (roughly RM1.7k).

You might have seen Motorola’s WiFi-only Xoom popping up at European e-tailers, but it’s reportedly flying the red, white and blue today, having materialized at Sam’s Club in the good ol’ USA. Droid-Life stumbled upon several snapshots of these Xoom Wi-Fi vouchers, with a $539 price tag hanging above their heads – plenty cheaper than a cellular Xoom, and also slightly more affordable than a similarly specced iPad 2. Of course, Sam’s Club deals in wholesale merchandise, and even should this price be accurate the tablet may not be widely available at the same rate, so don’t count out $599 as the Xoom Wi-Fi’s MSRP. Meanwhile, let us know if you manage to find and ring one up at the register, eh? … /#comments

Sorry to ask for a off-topic question but is there any tablets(which are going to release this year) have USB port and MicroSD card slot?? So far, i see none.

This tablet is already out on the market, with Micro SD & mini-USB.

Plus, it can dual boot to Android or Windows 7!

i was looking forward to Toshiba Tablet…Dual Core Tegra processor…
it has all the features…camera,USB…

Yeah the ViewPad 10 is nice but…lol…no camera. Darn I’m too choosy

How about the Samsung?
Looks great!

Well you can buy a separate webcam for video call since the Viewpad has USB port and supports Windows 7.

[quote=“Athrun_zala_faith”]How about the Samsung?
Looks great!


To tell the truth, they all look the same (except when comparing ipad). Black, glossy and rectangle. Gotta try one to feel the difference. But I definitely like the UI of this Android better than Apple IOS.