Motorcyclist dies in collision with 4WD

The crash scene.

MIRI: A motorcyclist was killed in a collision with a four wheel drive (4WD) at Miri-Bintulu road, near Sungai Dalam Lambir here on Friday evening.

The deceased, believed to be Indonesian, has yet to be identified as no identification document was found on him.

In the 6.15pm accident, his local pillion rider sustained injuries.

The motorcyclist and his pillion rider – both in their 20’s – were heading towards Miri from Lambir when they collided with the 4WD coming from the opposite direction.

The impact caused both the motorcyclist and his pillion rider to be thrown from the motorcycle.

Eye-witnesses said the motorcyclist was dragged for about 10 metres by the moving 4WD.

The injured pillion rider has been transported to Miri Hospital.

Police are investigating.



So young and how sad. RIP