Mooncake for sale

i am now started my mooncake bussiness,anyone interested can contact me…please give some support…
Phone number:0146920788(Rodney)
i am started to sell Healthy mooncake,what is special about it is…its low sugar,so its not too sweet…i also buy these mooncake myself,so i guaranteed you its really delicious…and its from west malaysia…you can place your order by PM me,call me or SMS me…
here is the following products:
these mooncake are now available,suitable for family and as gift…please give some support,thank you… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Price per box:RM52.(i can deliver to your place,but for miri customers only.)

uuu yummmy…especially the double yoke.dude, shud post pic of the halal logo on the box oso…but not halal oso i eat…

Amway Mooncake? :stuck_out_tongue:

interested can place order,import from west malaysia…its very up to national standard and low in sugar…but now the stock run dry,gonna wait for the next stock…very popular one…please give support… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

yeaps…my friend introduce me to sell,say its very delicious…i also buy,really delicious…so i post up to see anyone wants to buy…?

nvr taste mooncake b4 :stuck_out_tongue: hw i wish 2 eat 1 :smiley: if got halal 1, then i wanna try :slight_smile:

hi Athrun jus wonder how muc is 1 piece and do you accept credit card ?

I think the member price for the 4 varieties is RM45 per box (if normal price around RM50++)

yesterday we went to bourlervard looking for mooncake, 1 piece cost rm 12.++ like that. 4 pieces RM51.00. hmmmm… any comment ?

these are high quality one mah,but the stock has run out…need to wait…but can place order first…price they said need to wait…all depends on my boss… :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

bump for mooncakes!

Gud memory huh…