Monopod or Tripod

I’m not into landscape yet so wondering which should I get? Budget around RM200 and prefer with ball head

i have not tried monopod but during an event shooting, i notice alot of pros using monopod.
However, tripod will be more versatile since it can be used for creative long shutter shooting also just bit more cumbersome.
Anyway, im using a < rm300 benro tripod which is quite sturdy and easy to bring around.

i think both serve different purposes

normally for video i use monopod and camera i use tripod. reason being video shooting normally focus in panning motion instead of up-down. panning = horizontal movement. with tripod i cant achieve this motion because it has 3 legs to stop you from moving left - right smoothly.

Reno911, I thought is the other way round? Video need to be more stable and camera just one shoot, so… i dunno.

I’m thinking of getting from Yamiya - Benro MP-25EX Classic Quick Lock Aluminium Monopod for RM190

both actually. monopod basically serve the purpose of panning. unless you want to shoot movie like ‘the blair witch project’ or ‘nypd blue’. you’ll go dizzi watching those movies, lol. btw, monopod is very stable for video shooting.

got myself tripod that got a leg which can dismantle to become monopod, :slight_smile:


Benro travel angel series. :slight_smile:

good…how much you pay for this?

almost 1k

Exactly what I do :lol:

Or maybe you can get a gorrilapod slr zoom, a monopod, and a good ballhead. Can buy separately and you won’t be that much burden…

most tripod nowadays hv 1 of the legs detachable to become monopod, just like the Triopo tripod dat i’m currently using…good for panning oso.