Monitor projects to prevent delays, rep tells MCC

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(From left) Dr Bob, Ling, Dr Ting, Hii and a DAP member at the site of the Miri Wireless Walk. Hii and the DAP member are pointing at the fencing that visually blocks the cafes and restaurants from the view of the public.

MIRI: Miri City Council (MCC) must monitor all projects implemented in the city to ensure that there are no delays in their commencement and completion.

If not monitored, the projects might not be done and completed on schedule and this would cause problems to businesses located near the projects, Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon cautioned.

“MCC must be on the ground to see these projects are done accordingly on time and as scheduled so that it will not affect business operators or premises nearby,” Dr Ting told members of the press following complaints lodged at DAP Miri office by restaurant operators on the Miri Wireless Walk project that seemed to have stopped since the 14th general election.

Before the general election, the contractor had put up fencing around the project site but the project did not seem to have proceeded.

Present were state Pakatan Harapan (PH) secretary Alan Ling, DAP Senadin chief Dr Bob Baru, DAP Miri Youth chief Peter Hii and a restaurant operator, Alice Kong.

Dr Ting said the fencing had blocked the cafes and restaurants in the area from the view of the public, resulting in poor business for the operators.

“After the last election, the Wireless Walk project was not continued even though the fencing was done, affecting the cafes and restaurants located along the project,” Dr Ting pointed out.

He suggested that MCC make small gates in between the fencing so that the public can walk across to the cafes and restaurants.

According to Kong, since the fencing was done restaurant business was affected and slowed down a bit as the public could not see her restaurant from the roadside because the fencing was high.