Monitor prices of daily essentials, govt told

Ahmad Lai speaks in parliament.

Ahmad Lai speaks in parliament.

MIRI: The government is urged to monitor the prices of daily essentials which are said to be rising and burdening the consumers, even though the price of petrol has gone down.

Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang said the reduction in petrol prices seemed to have no effect on the rising prices of daily essentials.

“The price of RON 95 for example is now RM1.60 a litre but the price of iced Milo or iced Nescafe is RM1.80. Some are even up to RM2.50 based on location,” he said in parliament yesterday.

He said the price issue should be given serious attention by the related government agencies tasked to look into the matter.

“Apart from setting up a special mechanism to monitor the prices of daily essentials, the people should also play their roles to assist the government by using their power to pressure the traders who purposely increase the prices of goods,” he said.

Ahmad Lai said the increase in prices of goods had made Malaysians feel that their monthly salary was too low and never sufficient.

“We really hope that the special committee set up to tackle the problems of the rising cost of living can identify ways to

lessen the burden of the consumers.”

In fact, he said, there were some irresponsible traders out there taking advantage of the good and services tax (GST) to further burden the people.

“To tackle this, the government should strengthen its present enforcement machinery,” he said.

Ahmad Lai also suggested that the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) in Sarawak’s rural areas be distributed in one lump sum instead of in stages.

“The rural people have to spend a lot of money just to come down to the nearest town or city to collect their BR1M vouchers,” said.