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[quote=“joojoo1995”]Here are the specs…

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz(8 Months Old)
CoolerMaster Hyper Z600 With One Fan(5 Months Old)
DFI Lanparty DK P45-T2RS+(1 Month Old)
XFX GTX275 896MB GDDR3(5 Months Old)
Corsair 4GB 1066MHz Performance Ram(4 Months Old)
Samsung DVD-RW Rom(1 Year Old)
320GB HardDisc(1 Year Old)
CoolerMaster CM690 PURE(7 Months Old)

Total RM3000
Total RM3200 + Samsung 2233SW 21.5" LCD Monitor[/quote]

nice 1, if got money will sapu it,
do u plan on selling separately? might be interested in cm690

hmm…I will think about it…because im thinking of getting an Alienware M17X…so I need to sell all at once…




Q6600 RM300 :smiley:

haha…again meh?this time i sell all…no selling seperately…need to get Alienware M17X ba…haha

i don’t think alienware is actually worth the money … maintenance again … lol

There’s Sager :smiley:



kids… wait till u start earn ur own money u won’t even think about getting an alienware…

Seriously, Alienware M17x is not worth for money (RM8999!!!) and it is damn heavy(5.0kg++!!) and electricity s*cker (HD5870!!!)… You can build extremely powerful desktop (i7+GTX480 or HD5970!!) on that budget… One advise for you, dont be too gearhead (always want something latest)… No offense :slight_smile:

Alienware for me is just for bragging… lol

Alienware is for :-

  1. Bragging rights!!
  2. Mobile hard core gamer
  3. MORE bragging rights!!! lolx

Else just get a mac! lolx. but for bragging rights, MUST get Alienware! lolx

bro, if you can sell them seperately, pls pm me yr ram, casing and gc price. thanks